Here's more proof that the Galaxy S21 may follow the iPhone 12 in ditching the charger

Samsung's 25W charger
Samsung's 25W charger (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Documents suggest that some regions may not have the charging adapter bundled with Samsung's Galaxy smartphones next year.
  • Samsung has reportedly been mulling this decision since the summer.
  • The move comes after Samsung teased Apple about not including the adapter with its iPhones this year.

There's been a treasure trove of leaks on Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S21 lineup, including live images, concept renders, and more recently a leaked video promo. So far, most leaks have focused largely on the sexy design and curious new camera stove, while noting that these phones might be more important for Samsung's lineup than previously thought. But a new leak seems to confirm what we all feared might come to pass.

On what seems to be just another Tuesday, Samsung is reportedly going to follow in Apple's footsteps and stop bundling the. Documents obtained from Brazil's National Telecommunications Agency suggest that in certain regions, Samsung won't include the charger. That's right, after teasing Apple for ditching something that we've all been so accustomed to getting for free, Samsung is now apparently rethinking things and axing the included charger. If that sounds familiar, Samsung did the same thing when it teased Apple for getting rid of the headphone jack, only to quickly follow suit and do the same thing.

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

Amid some consumer backlash, Apple made the decision this year as a way to combat the environmental impact of improperly discarded charging adapters. Cupertino still has adapters available to purchase though, should you really need one. The thinking is that after more than 10 years of providing consumers with adapters, there should be enough out in the wild or in your couch cushions to make up for the lack of a new one.

Samsung has been mulling the idea at least since July. As the largest Android manufacturer in the world, it hasn't really changed its charging tech much in the past several years. This year's flagship Galaxy smartphones, for example, don't push past 45W charging speeds (25W for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra) whereas other manufacturers like OnePlus feature speeds as high as 65W and beyond. Therefore, it makes some sense for Samsung not to include a charging adapter with its new flagships, assuming it's going to remain conservative with its charging speeds.

It's unclear which regions will or won't get the adapters, as some countries legally require it, but the U.S. is likely going to feel the absence. And if you really need to get your hands on some of the fastest chargers for your smartphone, Samsung's reportedly cheaper S21 models may help bear the cost a little easier.

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  • Samsung is so embarrassing mocking at Apple for not including it and then immediately following them a few months later, LMFAO! As soon as rumors came out that Apple was doing that it was so obvious that Samsung would follow.
  • Sexy design? Can we not propagate the lie that Apple stopped providing chargers for environmental reasons? If Apple, and other companies, actually gave a shirt about the environment they wouldn't seal the battery in with adhesives and fight against the right to repair.
  • If all consumers would refuse to buy any phone that doesn't include an appropriate charger that would soon put a stop to this nonsense.
  • You're absolutely right. And therein lies the problem, people it's just so eager and accostumed to throw money away that in the end they just won't care. I-sheep and the rest after complaining for a week they just go back to the store to buy the (same old) "next best thing", without the charger anyways. Sadly, like almost everything else, we brought this on ourselves.
  • I'm someone who not only has owned the galaxy notes 2, 3 4, 5, the galaxy s8 plus, the galaxy notes 8, 9, 10+ and the current Note 20 Ultra, but I've also purchased Samsung devices for the other 3 lines on my account. So, I promise you, if Samsung goes down this road, I will never buy one of their products again. LG and OnePlus have comparable devices that I'll have to learn to live with. They will not only lose me as a loyal customer for the better part of a decade, but as person who has heavily promoted their products via word of mouth. In my social circle, in the guy people ask tech related questions. I know this won't really hurt them as a company, but i implore all of you to do the same if Samsung does this crap. Perhaps if enough of us maintain this mindset they'll change their thinking. Sorry but this is the hill in choosing to die on. A charger is an essential component to these devices. Not including them not only hurts the resale value of the older devices, but it's a slap in the face of people who are dropping a cool $G for these phones.
  • Samsung's Mom: If Apple jumped off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge?