Leaked Samsung Gear VR Manager software reveals dock to connect Galaxy phones

It appears that Samsung's rumored Google Glass competitor, the Gear VR, would come with a companion software that resides on your Galaxy smartphone to allow you to connect and pair your phone to the head-worn connected glasses. The latest leaks show that Samsung is creating a software dubbed Gear VR Manager that would allow the Gear VR to pair and connect to your Samsung-made smartphone.

At its core, Gear VR Manager is not unlike the Gear Manager or the Gear Fit manager that Samsung currently uses to allow users to connect their Gear smartwatch or Gear Fit fitness band to their Galaxy phones. In addition to pairing, it also allows users to install apps from the Samsung Galaxy Apps store to the Gear VR to expand that device's functionality.

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Gear VR reveals USB 3.0 dock

The Gear VR Manager comes with core apps such as VR Panorama, VR Cinema, and an early version of the HMT Manager. After the user initiates pairing and setup, a tutorial shows how the user would slide in their Galaxy phone and connect with the Gear VR using a USB 3.0 connection.

Inside the app's help guide, Sam Mobile confirms early reports of a touchpad and back button being built into the Gear VR headset:

As you can see in the screenshots below, there is a touchpad and a back button located on the right side of the VR headset, as exclusively reported by us previously. Once the Galaxy device gets docked into the Gear VR, the user isn't able to use the device's touchscreen, nor the physical buttons. So, the touchpad and the back button will allow users to navigate through the user interface on their Galaxy smartphone. The back button also doubles as a see-through button; this action is done by long-pressing the back button. This then activates the smartphone's rear-facing camera sensor to supply the user with a video feed of the real outside world, and a short-press on the back button gets the user back to the VR world.

Gear VR buttons shown in help interface

Additionally, it looks like Samsung will be leveraging its S Voice to allow users to control the Gear VR.

Speculations suggest that the Gear VR could launch as early as this fall alongside the much anticipated and rumored Galaxy Note 4.

Seeing through Gear VR allows you to see the real world

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Source: SamMobile