Krusell Kalmar FlipWallet for Galaxy S5

Something a bit more stylish that keeps your Galaxy S5 protected

Not everyone wants a basic plastic or rubber case that just provides protection without any real appealing looks or features. While they are a bit cheaper and perhaps more rugged, plastic cases have nothing on the look and feel of a real leather case that surrounds your phone for protection while also looking great when not in use. The Krusell Kalmar FlipWallet case does just that for the Galaxy S5, and it doesn't set you back a bunch of cash to get it — read along and see our quick review.

Krusell Kalmar FlipWallet for Galaxy S5

Unfortunately for Krusell, the stock images of the Kalmar FlipWallet don't actually do this leather case justice. It isn't nearly as slick nor cheap as the renders would imply, and it's actually got a good amount of texture and grip to the outside. This full coverage wallet-style case covers all sides of your Galaxy S5 in either black or brown leather, with a nice microfiber lining on the inside to keep your phone safe.

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The screen-covering flap is secured with a nice strong magnetic strap, and on the inside offers up three slots for credit cards or business cards, and also a small pocket underneath for cash or maybe one additional card. The bend of the flap covers up the volume buttons when not in use, but aside from that all other ports and buttons are easily accessible — including the camera and heart rate sensor. There's an additional slot on the back of the case for an ID card as well, if you need a little more storage to replace your wallet. The case isn't any bulkier than others that cover the screen completely, which is a bonus.

Though the leather does soften up a bit and form to your phone in the first few days of use, my main issue with the Kalmar FlipWallet case is that it's a tad on the bulky side. Due to restrictions of using leather and the way the flap closes, there's a bit of extra material around the phone that can feel like its in the way if you're not willing to put up with extra bulk. The biggest offender is the magnetic strap that keeps the flap closed when not in use, but really gets in the way when you're actively using the phone. These aren't necessarily new problems considering they're found on most cases of this style, but it can still be a bit off-putting if you're not used to them.

The Krusell Kalmar FlipWallet case for the Galaxy S5 will set you back a mere $29.95 in either black or brown, and really class up your phone while also giving it complete protection and an opportunity to replace your wallet.

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