Kick-start your Philips Hue obsession with up to 40 percent off (UK)

Philips Hue lighting allows you to select between millions of colors and shades of light to add some mood to the home. These bulbs can be controlled by connected smartphones or tablets and can even be synchronized to change with entertainment media like games and movies. With 40 percent off Hue lighting in the UK, house lighting will never be boring again.

For example, you can pick up three Hue bulbs and the Philips Bridge for £149. The best part is how the bulbs do not require any special installation. Simply screw them in. Philips also bundles its bridge device, which is used to act as a link between all of the Hue lighting installed throughout the home.

Plug it in, connect everything together and you're good to go. Individual bulbs and lighting strips can be purchased at a later date should you be happy with the setup.

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