Jam to your favorite tunes with Edifier's Bluetooth bookshelf speakers on sale for $135

Edifier Bookshelf Speaker
Edifier Bookshelf Speaker (Image credit: Amazon)

Edifier actually has two discounts working in conjunction on this one. Not only are the Edifier R1850DB Bluetooth bookshelf speakers on sale for $150 but using code EDIFIER during checkout takes another $15 off the price. That's two discounts you can't find anywhere else because these speakers are still going for their regular price of $200 in places like Best Buy. Today's price is the lowest we've seen. The next best price was a drop to $140, but that was more than a year ago.

These are active speakers built inside a wooden enclosure that minimizes acoustic resonance. Positioned at a 10-degree angle for directional sound. Already has booming, vibrating bass but can accept a subwoofer if you want your chest to thump.

Edifier makes some amazing speakers. If you're looking for an audio upgrade for your computer or home media, save $65 today and you'll hear the quality difference. The speakers have Bluetooth 4.0 tech so you can stream from all your favorite mobile devices, and the wireless remote lets you pick the input selection, adjust volume, and more.

The speakers are "designed with purpose" as Edifier puts it. The enclosure is made with medium-density fiberboard, which helps minimize the acoustic resonance. The base is angled at ten degrees for audio delivery, and the design of the angle directs the woofers right at your ears. The 4-inch drivers create a rich sound, and they are perfectly tuned.

There are a ton of physical connectivity options, too, if you want to connect a turntable, connect to your PC, and more. You can even add a subwoofer if you want some more bass. Edifier doesn't have any subwoofers on sale, but Polk Audio makes a good subwoofer if you're interested.

The R1850DB speakers come with a two-year warranty.

Of course, these speakers aren't exactly portable or anything like that. If you need a great Bluetooth speaker that also happens to be portable, we have a roundup for that. These are the sort of speakers you can take to your next party or while grilling in the backyard.

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