HTC Merge to hit U.S. Cellular May 31

The HTC Merge will be available for U.S. Cellular customers on May 31, according to internal documents leaked in the Android Central forums.  The phone should cost $249.99 with a new agreement, and before the $100 mail in rebate.  We've been closely following the Merge since we first laid eyes and hands on it way back in October of last year, and it's a great phone that should have seen the light of day much sooner than it did.  Ask anyone using a G2 or an Evo Shift, they'll agree. 

While U.S. Cellular's high-end Android line-up is slightly behind the curve when compared to the "big four", the Merge will join the Desire and Mesmerize to offer customers a few great choices.  No word if the Merge will be available on pre-paid plans, but since the Desire and Mesmerize aren't, we don't expect it.  So, what say you U.S.Cell subscribers?  Anyone plan on picking up one of these?  Sound off!

Source: Android Central forums

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • We definitely haven't been marketing this phone as much as we should have. Business has been slow, and finally having a decent smartphone with a keyboard will be such a relief. We will finally be able to stop selling samsung acclaims and LG apex's, they are the worst...
  • I wonder if this is gonna be Bing'd up like on VZW?
  • Ask any one on Alltel that has the Merge it is a Great phone! The best keyboard I have ever used on a phone. Ours didn't come with Bing so maybe US Cell won't put it on there. Glad to have more people to join the Merge community.
  • I'm getting the merge once it's released,i miss my physical keyboard.
  • I still don't see it at any indirect retailers for VZW.
  • I'm definitely thinking about switching to this phone. Having the option between keyboards would be an excellent feature. I would however like to see 4G at this point in time but I am glad to hear it has Google rather than Bing. I have had some hands-on time with the HTC Desire and I like it quite a bit. The Merge looks about the same with the addition of the awesome keyboard. $249.99 might be a bit too much with the late arrival and the emergence of other phones from VZW, Sprint, and T-Mobile, but it is the best option at US Cell.
  • I see it on HTC site........