HTC Merge on US Cellular

The HTC Merge will be available for U.S. Cellular customers on May 31, according to internal documents leaked in the Android Central forums.  The phone should cost $249.99 with a new agreement, and before the $100 mail in rebate.  We've been closely following the Merge since we first laid eyes and hands on it way back in October of last year, and it's a great phone that should have seen the light of day much sooner than it did.  Ask anyone using a G2 or an Evo Shift, they'll agree. 

While U.S. Cellular's high-end Android line-up is slightly behind the curve when compared to the "big four", the Merge will join the Desire and Mesmerize to offer customers a few great choices.  No word if the Merge will be available on pre-paid plans, but since the Desire and Mesmerize aren't, we don't expect it.  So, what say you U.S.Cell subscribers?  Anyone plan on picking up one of these?  Sound off!

Source: Android Central forums