How to send a Vudu gift card

Vudu Big Indie Movie Sale Feb 20 Sale
Vudu Big Indie Movie Sale Feb 20 Sale

With Vudu recently announcing that its TV and movie store is now available on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2, there's even more reason to share the gift of Vudu this holiday season. With that in mind, we've gathered all the information you'll need to send a Vudu gift card to your friends and family.

How to send a Vudu gift card

Vudu Gift Cards are now available as prepaid physical and electronic eCards and allow the gift card buyer to load a set value to buy or rent movies and TV shows on Vudu. Here are the steps for how to buy and send a VUDU gift card.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Buy Digital Gift Cards or Buy Physical Gift Cards.

Source: VUDU (Image credit: Source: VUDU)
  1. Choose which design you want to appear on the gift card.
  2. After previewing your selected design, choose Next step. Source: VUDU

  1. Choose the amount you want on the card, how many cards you would like to purchase, and how you would like to send the gift card. Source: VUDU

  1. Select Add to cart.

If you don't like the gift card designs offered by Vudu, you can choose to upload your own photo to print on a custom card, as well as ship it in a personalized greeting card. Once you've completed your purchase and followed the above steps to send a Vudu gift card, the digital or physical card will be sent to the recipient either immediately or at a later date selected by you. Digital gift cards are delivered by email and can be sent instantly or scheduled for delivery on a specific date chosen by the buyer.

It's also worth pointing out that gift cards can be used to rent or purchase content both in-app or on In addition to that content, you'll also find a selection of free movies and TV shows in the Vudu app that you can watch right now.

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