Updated February 2017: Added the gold Spigen Style Ring and updated buy links.

Having a plain black or white phone is alright, but spicing up your routine with the gold Galaxy S7 is a smart, stylish, modern choice.

Unfortunately, accessorizing and matching a gold phone can be a little bit more challenging than a standard color, but there's plenty of gear to match your new champagne-hued device perfectly.

Here're some options to consider as your begin to accessorize your gold Galaxy S7!

Hallsen ultra slim gold case

Slim, stylish, and a sleek partner for your gold Galaxy S7, the Hallsen ultra slim gold case is a great glistening accessory to consider for your phone.

The Hallsen case is designed with a durable, bright gold bumper, while the raised bezel around your camera is also tinted with a gold border. The case is designed from a soft, flexible material, making it a great day-to-day option for your Galaxy S7 because of its minimal bulk, yet practical features.

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This gold case may not be the most durable accessory for your phone, but it protects your Galaxy S7 from scratches and dirt. After all, what glitters is gold — and gold doesn't look too great covered in scratches and dirt.

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amFilm gold tempered glass screen protector

A tempered glass screen protector is an obvious buy whenever you pick up a new phone, but for your gold Galaxy S7, a plain, regular tempered glass screen protector is unacceptable. That's why the gold screen protector from amFilm is an incredibly smart option to consider if you're looking to protect your gold Galaxy S7 in golden harmony.

Designed to be durable and scratch resistant — with a bubble-free guarantee! — the amFilm gold tempered glass cover gives your Galaxy S7 phone top-to-bottom, full screen protection. The cover is ultra thin at around 0.3mm, and works effortlessly with your Galaxy S7 phone's screen sensitivity.

The gold screen protector also comes with wipes and dust removal stickers for a much smoother installation.

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Bastex gold rechargeable battery case

Nothing is worse than draining your battery halfway through the day. Luckily, Bastex's rechargeable battery case can charge up to an additional 110% extra battery for your gold Galaxy S7 phone — and do it as it matches your gold device perfectly!

The Bastex gold rechargeable case doesn't only recharge your Galaxy S7 as you kill its battery with texting, talking, social media, and games, it also protects your phone from drops and falls with its durable design. With the battery pack attached, you get up to 40 hours of audio playback, 11 hours of video playback, and up to 13 hours of extra talk time.

While there are three colors to pick and choose from, the best one to match your gold Galaxy S7 is the gold model (although the black and white versions are cool, too).

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Samsung Level U PRO wireless headphones

Keep the music pumping and the gold theme going (without the wires!) with the Samsung Level U PRO wireless headphones.

Designed with a two-way speaker, simple controls, and up to two times the wider frequency range that standard wireless sound, the U PRO headphones give you a luxurious listening experience right off the hop — the matching gold color is just a bonus.

Built to be sweat and splash resistant with form-fitting, gel ear pieces to make sure you're comfortable no matter how hard or loud you're rocking out, the Samsung Level U PRO isn't just a great accessory for your Galaxy S7, it's just a great piece of tech all 'round.

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Fasgear nylon braided gold charger

Sure, you could charge your gold Galaxy S7 with the basic cable it comes with, or you could really commit to your new gold phone and accessorize in style with the Fasgear nylon braided gold charger.

These tough, nylon cables are Fast Charge-compatible. With a braided cable jacket to protect the internal wires, the Fasgear can be bent, twisted and abused, and can function several times longer than the charging cable your Galaxy S7 comes with.

You can pick different lengths for your cable, or you could get a convenient three pack for less than $10 that comes with 3.3, 6, and 10-foot cables.

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Spigen Style Ring (gold)

The Galaxy S7 is a beautiful phone with sleek glass panels on the front and back — but that slippery glass build also makes it prone to being dropped… And we all know what happens when glass hits the floor.

That's why we'd recommend a Spigen Style Ring — which is available in Champagne Gold to match your gold S7 — that will greatly improve your grip and also adds functionality as a kickstand and as a car mount. You can quickly attach it to the back of your phone or to the back of your favorite case, and get some added drop protection.

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How do you stay golden, ponyboy?

Is there a gold Galaxy S7 accessory that we missed that you think would be the perfect partner in crime for your phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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