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Here's how to score a Galaxy S21 for only $100

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series
Samsung Galaxy S21 Series (Image credit: Android Central)

It's only been a few hours since Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy S21 5G (opens in new tab) and there are already a few stellar offers available to make sure you don't have to pay full price to get your hands on one. In fact, with Samsung's new trade-in promotion, you can save up to $700 on one of the new devices instantly.

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G smartphones won't be officially released until January 27, though by pre-ordering before then, you'll score $100 in Samsung credit which can be used towards a new Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds, and more. Meanwhile, trading in an eligible device can save you up to $700 (opens in new tab) instantly during the purchase of your new phone; even devices with a cracked screen can earn you up to $550. The Galaxy S21 5G regularly costs $799.99 which means you could pay just $99.99 today depending on the device you're trading in to Samsung.

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The all-new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G smartphone has been unveiled, and there's already a way you can score a massive $700 discount off its regular price. Simply trade-in an eligible device to save; even phones with cracked screens can be traded in!

Though this is a fantastic deal, not every device can earn you the full $700 discount. You'll have to trade in a device like the previous Samsung Galaxy S20 or an iPhone 12 for the best savings, though even trading in older devices like the Galaxy S7 or the iPhone 6 can save you hundreds of dollars today. Only Samsung, Apple, and Google devices are eligible for this offer.

Samsung's offer page allows you to select whether you'd like to purchase the phone unlocked or activated on a carrier like Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. By choosing to activate on T-Mobile, you can save an additional $25 today and snag the Galaxy S21 5G for as low as $74.99! Samsung also allows you to switch between different colorways and storage capacities. The Galaxy S21+ 5G and S21 Ultra 5G are eligible for today's offer as well, though their prices don't drop quite as low as the base model's does; with a trade-in, they fall as low as $299.99 and $499.99 respectively.

Along with the $100 credit you'll receive just for pre-ordering one of the new Galaxy devices, Samsung is also throwing in a free SmartTag with your purchase which is a tiny Bluetooth tracker you can attach to a keyring and use to find your phone or keys whenever they go missing. You'll also score 4 months of YouTube Premium for free.

You can learn more about these new Samsung phones in our preview of the S21, go in-depth on the specs, and then discover even more ways to save if the trade-in offer above doesn't work for you.

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  • Sick and tired of these promotions. So, if I Give you something of X value, it is not really a reduction in price. I just paid that portion by other means.
  • I was thinking this same thing. Then it occurred to me. If you do this every year, you only pay $100 to stay on the latest phone. Whereas if you keep your $800 phone for 3 years, it might be worth $200 if you completely baby it those three years. Buy another $800 phone in year 3 and your two phones over 3 years cost you $1400. Whereas if you upgrade every year instead, it'll only cost you $1000. $800 year 1, $100 year 2, $100 year 3.
    Then you could really save by buying a roughly treated S20 on swappa or ebay (currently selling as low as $500) then trade it in to get an even better discount on the whole scheme? Starting phone is just $600 + 2 years trading in every year = $800.
    Of course this relies on the faith that they are going to continue the upgrade program.
  • It's the only way Samsung and Apple can "move" new devices that are unnecessary for the vast majority of users. My mother in law refuses to trade in or get rid of the S7 Edge we bought her in 2017. It's not pristine and she says does everything she her mobile phone to do.
  • I'm trading in my s20 for a regular s21 128gb. I'm receiving a leather case , galaxy buds Live, the duo charger, and the smart tag. I did have $54 in Samsung rewards. I did get $160 credit for pre-pre order and using shop Samsung app. My grand total was $71.
  • Well done! You should run a coupon blog.
  • Great idea....I hope you will be my first sub.