To cover or not to cover your Galaxy S8...

Samsung's Alcantara suede case.

The question of whether you should put a case on your phone comes down to individual preference, but the Galaxy S8 may be causing more angst in this area than usual. That's because, as good looking as the phone is — in either black, silver or Orchid Gray — it's very slippery, and the sliver of an aluminum frame makes it pretty difficult to grip.

There's also the issue of easily finding the back fingerprint sensor, which is largely flush with the glass back and difficult to press sight unseen. Finally, there's the glass itself, which, while not easy to scratch, is still glass.

So, are you using a case on the Galaxy S8? If so, which one? A cursory look at our forums reveals two buzzing threads, one for the Galaxy S8 and the other for the S8+, each full of recommendations.

04-06-2017 02:36 AM

I'm excited about the original cases. The silicone and especially the alcantara one.255999


Some people are opting for the official Samsung cases, such as the Alcantara suede model which, at a cool $49.99, is not cheap.

VW Maverick
04-03-2017 09:19 PM

Got my first of many. The $4 Ringke Onyx. Mav. :cool:


Others are going super cheap, like the $9 Ringke Onyx and $10 Spigen Liquid Air Armor, which has become my case of choice.

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04-21-2017 05:08 PM

I was pleasantly surprised by how much more slim the GS8 Otterbox Defender case is compared to the one on my GS7. At it's thickest point on the top and bottom of the GS8 case, it's thinner than the Defender of the GS7. The cutout on the back provides a perfect visual reference for those making such a big deal about the placement of the fingerprint sensor. I have medium sized hands and have no...


Those looking for a bit more protection, and are willing to put up with some bulk, are turning to the tried-and-true Otterbox Defender, which is reportedly slimmed down in this year's model.

What's your Galaxy S8 case of choice? Sound off in the forums!