Moto 360

Motorola's Android Wear watch is clearly the one to beat

Conspiracy theories abound as to why we have to wait for the Moto 360 while two other Android Wear watches are now available for preorder. Maybe it's not ready. Maybe it's more expensive. Maybe it's got some super secret technology that relates to charging that has turned the back of the watch into a veritable unicorn. Whatever the reason, this much is clear:

You will want the Moto 360.

The Moto 360 is the only round Android Wear watch we've seen thus far. But that's really just part of what makes it so attractive. The shape may be what stands out first, but the attention to detail in the design and manufacturing also is readily apparent. The sophistication of the button on the side. The chamfered tiers working their way to the front of the display. Moto 360 looks less like a display strapped to your arm, and more like what you'd want a stylish smartwatch to be.

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The preview here at Google I/O really is about the Android Wear software, of course. And to that end, Moto 360 works just like the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. You swipe your way through the UI, but Moto does have that button to use if you so wish. Motorola's not saying anything else about the hardware, and that's created a bit of a buzz that's threatening to overshadow the software. We still don't have official word on how much it's going to cost. We still don't know the exact internals. And while some demos wouldn't even allow the back of the watch to be seen, we had no such trouble, though a protective sticker was clearly disguising the charging mechanism. We'll find out more in good time.

Moto 360

As far as the feel goes, I had absolutely no issues wearing the watch. It's deceptively light. And while the round face may look big, it doesn't feel big. (And I could swear the matte black model was just a smidge smaller than the stainless steel, but that definitely was an optical illusion.) The leather straps were comfortable enough. Motorola says you can swap them out, but they wouldn't say how, and the back of the watch almost makes it look like there's a removable cover to get to the pins. We'll just have to see.

We don't have a price for the Moto 360. Or a release date. But what we do have is a burning desire to get this guy on our wrists ASAP.