Google's Daily Special is a month-long extravaganza of sales

Google Nest Mini sitting on a chair
Google Nest Mini sitting on a chair (Image credit: Nirave Gondhia / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google is launching a month-long sales event for its online store.
  • Today's deal offers buyers $20 off a pair of Nest Minis.
  • New sales will be available every day.

When the Google Nest Twitter account teased "something special" for this Monday, we all thought it was going to be the launch of a new Nest device, maybe that Nest-branded Google Home successor that we've all been hearing about. As it turns out, Google was simply foreshadowing a month-long salesapalooza (is that even a word?).

Though it's definitely not as exciting as a new product launch would be, it's something. Every day for the next month, a new Daily Special will be made available on the Google Store. Today's offering is $20 off a Nest Mini twofer — and some free 2-day shipping to boot.

That shipping offer, by the way, extends to all products, and not just the Nest Minis. Since the initial tease came from the Google Nest account, it's unclear if the sales over the coming month will all relate to the Nest line or if Google's other first-party hardware will also get some love over the coming days. We certainly hope so!

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