Black Friday is here! Just after celebrating being thankful, there's nothing like indulging in some good binge purchasing to help settle the howling void that 2020 created. If you're still playing catch-up on the past generation of video games, you need to finish up the best, and Sony Santa Monica's 2018 title God of War is simply the best of the best. This epic story combined incredible combat with stellar storytelling, so whether you're a longtime fan or someone new to the franchise, you need to make sure you play it.

At just $10, it's 50% off for Black Friday, an unmissable deal. Additionally, if you like checking out concept art and designs for games, The Art of God of War is also on sale for just $26. Being able to play one of the best PS4 exclusives and have a nice coffee table art book for $36 shouldn't be passed on lightly. You can even play it on the PS5 if you have one through backward compatibility — of course, you'll have to buy a PS5 first, and that's pretty difficult right now.

Best of the gen

God Of War Playstation Hits Reco

God of War

A father-son journey

God of War is a soft reboot, taking Kratos to a new land of Norse Myth as he struggles in older age to teach his brash son how not to repeat his mistakes. The world design, combat and story are all simply top-notch and at just $10, this is a PS4 game you have to play if you've somehow missed it before now.

Breathtaking design

The Art Of God Of War Reco

The Art of God of War

See the process

Gaming art books are always fascinating, being able to dive into the thoughts of how characters and worlds come to life, or ideas that didn't quite work out. The Art of God of War is on sale for Black Friday, so don't miss out.

God of War giantSource: Sony

God of War is a truly special title, with care and love put into how it handles Kratos in a completely different way from past games, as well as the introduction of his son Atreus. You can also play it at a locked 60 FPS on PS5. When you've finished playing through this Nordic world, it's time to dive in on the concept art and see how the designers approached this new entry before the arrival of the next God of War game, which is bringing Ragnarok in 2021.

If you're hungry for some more PS4 games to dive in on over the holidays, The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima are both heavily discounted for Black Friday, meaning you should absolutely pick those up. These standout exclusives are among the best PS5 games and other deals for Black Friday.

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