Get two Galaxy Note 10 smartphones for the price of one

Galaxy Note 10+ in Aura Glow
Galaxy Note 10+ in Aura Glow (Image credit: Android Central)

The Galaxy Note 10 series continues to be one of the best for Android users. It's an awesome phone with amazing features. At Verizon you can buy the Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, or Note 10+ 5G and get up to $950 in promotional credits to apply toward a second phone. Essentially, this is a "Buy One, Get One" deal where you can have a Note 10 for yourself and a second one for no cost.

Let's break this down: Go to the Verizon site. Buy a Note 10+ 5G, Note 10+, or even just a regular Note 10. Then add a second one to your cart. One of the phones needs to be added to a new line on one of Verizon's Unlimited plans. You'll get a $950 promo credit applied to your monthly bill over the course of 24 months. Like any "Buy One, Get One" deal, the second phone has to be equal or lesser value than the first.

In addition to all that savings, you can get a $200 prepaid Mastercard if you port-in your phone number. You'll need to go to the Verizon Promotion Center website and use the code SEPTSWITCH200. To maintain the maximum benefit from this, you'll want to keep your line active for at least 45 days. Plus, if you cancel within the first six months, you'll get a $200 charge back. So don't do that. The card is mailed to you within eight weeks.

Read our review of the Galaxy Note 10 here and learn about what makes this phone so special. We gave it 4 stars out of 5 and said, "It brings the complete S Pen experience, backed by everything that makes Galaxy phones so great, in a size that's more manageable in your hand and in your pocket."

John Levite
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