Get the new VogDUO leather iPhone stand or AirPods case at up to 35% off

Vogduo Iphone Stand Airpods Case Hero
Vogduo Iphone Stand Airpods Case Hero

Our iPhone and AirPods are some of the most expensive items we carry around with us daily, which means you don't necessarily want to keep them inside some cheap case that will have them looking worse for wear and unprotected. Luckily, VogDUO's newest Apple accessories match the high-quality aesthetic of Apple's devices and help to add their own stylistic flair.

VogDUO recently unveiled a new premium leather iPhone stand and leather AirPods cases which are now available. It'd be wise to place your order now rather than waiting until the items are released as you'll save up to 35% off MSRP when ordering at Kickstarter. You'll also have the opportunity to choose between a few different colors with your purchase once these products are released next month.

VogDUO's Kickstarter campaign for its new premium leather Apple accessories is now live with discounts of up to 35% off MSRP! Place your order now for the all-new leather iPhone stand or grab a leather AirPods case before the price begins to rise.

The new AirPods Pro Genuine Leather Case is a great match for those who lose their AirPods too often. Along with keeping your AirPods charging case protected, these leather cases can add a splash of color to your wireless earbuds too and come in a few different styles; you can pick up a Red or Emerald model with a built-in keyring for $45 or choose a Tan or Black model with an integrated belt loop for the same price. These cases are also available for the standard AirPods, and considering they're set to be priced at $59.99 once they hit stores in the new year, now is the time to place an order if you're interested.

Meanwhile, VogDUO's new Leather iPhone Stand is a DIY solution that can really be used just about anywhere. It comes in your choice of Red or Tan and is compatible with new and older models of the iPhone, ranging all the way back to the iPhone 6, though of course it could also make a great fit for other phones like Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel models. Today, you can get your order in for one at just $67, a discount of more than $20 off its MSRP of $89.99.

The discounted prices mentioned above are for "early bird" buyers; once more orders come in, the price will begin to rise. Make sure to donate to the campaign soon so you don't miss your chance to save!

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