Get cooking with this Thanksgiving deal for $40 off the Amazon Echo Show 5 and a year of Food Network Kitchen

Amazon Echo Show 5 in kitchen
Amazon Echo Show 5 in kitchen (Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon is going to have a ton of great products on sale during this Black Friday week, but some of the best deals are on its own devices like the Echo Show 5. Right now, you can save $40 on the already affordable smart screened speaker, but that's not all the goodies you get in this deal. Amazon is throwing in a full year's subscription to the Food Network Kitchen channel for free! If you pick one up now, you can use it to help you prep for Thanksgiving feasts, or learn what to do with all of those yummy holiday leftovers.

Amazon was the first company to bring its Alexa voice assistant to a smart speaker with the original Echo back in 2014. It was also the first to develop a smart screen speaker with the original Echo Show in 2017. Following that trend, the Echo Show 5 marked the first small version of this new form factor, and since its debut last summer, it's been one of the most popular Echo devices on Amazon.

I've had an Echo Show 5 parked in my home office for over a year now, and I find it the perfect companion device while I work. It is great for glancing at the time, date, and forecast and the periodic news bulletins that Alexa displays. I can call on it to show me videos or movies from services like Amazon Prime Video or even watch YouTube through one of the two included web browsers. But perhaps my favorite feature of the Echo Show 5 is that it makes for a fantastic video frame, continuously reminding me of better times through my own personal pictures.

Not only does this Black Friday deal shave nearly half the price off of one of the best Echo Show devices, but you also get a year's free subscription to Food Network Kitchen. This network gets you unlimited access to some of the best Food Network TV shows, live cooking classes with Food Network chefs and access to over 80,000 trusted recipes. Not a bad way to spend your quarantine holiday time!

Jeramy Johnson

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