The Meta Quest 2 is still outselling the Nintendo Switch on Amazon. Here's why

A Meta Quest 2 box next to a Nintendo Switch OLED TOTK Edition box
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As the Nintendo Switch continues to climb its way to being the best-selling console of all time, the Meta Quest 2 continues to outpace its sales for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday season on Amazon. No doubt, it helps an awful lot when Amazon gives you a $50 Amazon gift card by buying a Meta Quest 2 — a crazy deal considering it's already $50 off during Cyber Monday this year.

That makes the Meta Quest 2 the absolute cheapest we've ever seen the VR console since its debut in October 2020. That gives it an effective $199 price tag since Amazon gift cards are basically as good as cash.

Meta Quest 2 128GB: $299$249 including an extra $50 Amazon gift card

Meta Quest 2 128GB: $299 $249 including an extra $50 Amazon gift card

Who doesn't love a free $50? Amazon is giving away $50 Amazon gift cards when you buy the Meta Quest 2 at the already reduced price of $249 this Cyber Monday. That's $50 to spend on groceries, gifts, or even Meta Quest 2 accessories for yourself.

Even though the Meta Quest 3 came out last month, people are still buying the Quest 2 for its low price and the promise of many games still to come. So far, all upcoming Meta Quest games are still being made with the Quest 2 in mind.

Plus, as Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth pointed out in a recent Instagram AMA, Meta plans to support the Quest 2 for three years beyond the last date of sale. Considering it's still for sale, that means we're looking at more than three years from today before the Quest 3 is no longer supported.

So, what about the Meta Quest 3? Despite games being made for the Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 owners can expect better graphics in most titles even though there are no Quest 3-exclusive games yet. It's similar to how we still have PS4 games coming out even though the PS5 has been out for two years.

In fact, we've seen the Meta Quest 3 sell out at Walmart for a while before the company eventually got units back in stock online. That's a little bit surprising considering Newegg has the best Meta Quest 3 Cyber Monday deal, but Walmart is also the U.S.'s biggest retailer, so a lot of people shop there out of habit.

Plus, as Bosworth noted in that same Instagram AMA, the Quest 3's price won't be dropping anytime soon. We recently learned how much the Quest 3 costs to make and it's clear Meta is just barely scraping even with the 128GB model, so it'll be another year before we see some kind of steep discount, at the least.

Amazon sales charts for video games on Cyber Monday 2023

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And, depending on when you look, the Meta Quest 2 has been vying for the best-selling item in the video game category all Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. As of this writing, it's sitting at the #2 spot right behind a $25 PlayStation Network gift card — a rather large gulf in price even considering the excellent Quest 2 sale price.

All of this points to an extremely healthy VR ecosystem, particularly when taking the Meta Quest ecosystem into account. In other words, if you were waiting for the best time to jump into VR gaming, you've officially reached it!

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