The one time I went skydiving, I wanted to do something to document the experience, more to prove that I actually did it than to remember it. However, I also didn't want my phone to fall out of my hands and smash into a million pieces on impact. So, I took a few photos as we were loaded into the plane, and tucked the phone away behind a zippered pocket before leaving the ground.

One Galaxy S5 user was either braver or dumber than me (via The Verge), depending on how you look at it. The user intended to record his descent, but the phone fell out of his hand while climbing to the drop point. A few seconds after recording starts, the phone is in free fall mode.

The phone falls for about ten seconds before reaching the ground, fortunately avoiding any hard objects or living creatures. The phone lays still for about seven minutes until it is discovered by two gentlemen. All this time, the camera and microphone still function perfectly fine, an incredible feat after that drop.

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There's nothing in the video that shows whether or not the phone had a case on it. The phone would have landed face down since it was recording the sky, and there isn't any mention of external damage. Assuming the radios inside the phone weren't too badly damaged, the device should have functioned without issue.

There's no telling how the phone was returned to its owner, but situations like these are a good reason to have contact information on the device's lock screen. It's also a good advertisement for an Otterbox or similarly rugged case.

Do you bring your phone with you when you do extreme sports? Let us know down below!

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