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What you need to know

  • A new report out of South Korea claims the Snapdragon 865-powered Galaxy S11 will not be exclusive to the U.S., Japan, and China.
  • Unlike the company's 2019 flagships, the Snapdragon 865-powered Galaxy S11 will apparently be sold in a large number of countries.
  • The Exynos 990-powered Galaxy S11 variants will be limited to Europe.

Samsung has been selling both Exynos- and Snapdragon-powered variants of its flagship smartphones since 2011. In most markets, however, the company only sells the Exynos-powered variants of its flagship phones. Now, a report from Korean publication The Elec claims Samsung is planning to sell the Snapdragon 865 variant of the Galaxy S11 in more markets than the Exynos 990 variant. Until now, the Snapdragon variants of flagship Galaxy phones have been limited to the U.S., China, and Japan.

If the report is to be believed, Samsung has decided to sell the Snapdragon variant in most markets as it still hasn't been able to close the gap in performance between its in-house developed Exynos 990 and the Snapdragon 865. Samsung will reportedly sell the Snapdragon 865 variant of the Galaxy S11 in most markets. The Exynos 990 variant, on the other hand, could be offered only in Europe. What remains to be seen, is if Samsung will the Snapdragon 865 variant in countries like India, where 5G networks haven't been rolled out yet.

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The report claims the performance gap between the two processors is "quite large", which isn't really a surprise. While the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 uses a total of four ARM Cortex-A77 performance cores, the Exynos 990 has two custom M5 and two ARM Cortex-A76 cores. However, both chipsets use four Cortex A55 efficiency cores.

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