The Pixel 2 XL's "Display-gate" is no secret at this point, and it's resulted in a lot of unhappy customers. We're still waiting on an official response from Google other than the fact that it's "actively investigating" the situation at hand, and while we'd advise everyone to do the same, we also understand why some buyers may already be looking at alternatives to the hole that the Pixel 2 XL has left in their hearts.

We've seen a lot of big phones this year, and for a lot of people, Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is looking more and more like a solid alternative to the Pixel 2 XL with each day that passes.

The Galaxy Note 8 and Pixel 2 XL each share their own set of strengths and weaknesses, but for some of our forum users, Samsung's option is the better purchase.


I have to be honest, the consistent screen issues have gotten to me. I can ignore the blue tint, the sRGB colors, but the latest reports of burn-in, I just don't want to deal with it anymore. I will most likely exchange it, and the only other viable alternative is Note 8. For people that switched from N8, can you tell me why? I purposefully didn't put the question up in Note 8 forum, as I...


The Note 8 is a phenomenal phone. I haven't had to charge my Note 8 since yesterday. Tests have also shown that the Note 8 is virtually just as fast as the Pixel 2/XL. I haven't noticed any lag and the only time I have seen stuttering is while the web content is loading and one time due to a weird advertisement in an app. Otherwise, the phone is very fast (by ANY standard) and rarely ever lags....


Just to add one thing about the Note 8, the *quality* of the screen (not the aspect ratio, see above) is unbelievable. It's so satisfying to look at and pleasant on the eyes, I find myself reading or watching things on it for very long stretches of time when my much larger laptop screen is right in front of me going unused. It's that damn good. Really in a different league from any other screen...


Despite the Pixel 2 XL's issues, not everyone is ready to jump on board the Samsung train quite yet.


I understand why you're doing it, but to me they're not comparable. It all comes down to software. I prefer the Nexus/Pixel/Google experience and always will. No matter how much you try to make a Samsung phone like a Pixel, it will still always be built on TouchWiz. Plus, software updates lag months and months behind on Samsungs. Google is the best when it comes to giving new features to the...


I switched from a note 8 to ordering the pixel 2 xl. The note 8 was a good phone I just couldn't get used the inconsistent software one minute it would be blazing fast then lag from no where. I know people will say that it's the fast phone which for a Samsung it is. But my secondary phone is one plus 5 which i never have had a slow down or a stutter. Hardware wise the note 8 is gorgeous.


If you're currently debating between which large phone to get, we want to know – After all of the recent controversy, will you be buying a Google Pixel 2 XL or Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

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