With the holidays around the corner, and various Amazon devices potentially already in their gift wrap for the kids, you might think you've picked up all of the deals you needed to during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This may be true, but one way to maximize the value of any Amazon tech you picked up for your little ones is to snag three months of Amazon's FreeTime Unlimited service for just $1.

Think of the children

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

FreeTime Unlimited unlocks access to a vast selection of kid-friendly apps, games, movies, TV shows, eBooks, and even music that your child can enjoy on a tablet or phone. You can score a three-month membership for only $1 right now!

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It's a sure bet to keep your kids entertained this holiday season with parent-approved content, from movies and TV shows to games, music, eBooks, and more, all of which is accessible for one negligible monthly fee that starts as low as $2.99 regularly. That's a small price to pay for making sure your child is having fun with approved content rather than surfing the web or YouTube freely, and with this well-timed deal, you can even score a three-month membership for only $0.99. We dare you to find another way to keep your child entertained for three months for only $1, and if you can, please let us know!

FreeTime Unlimited unlocks unlimited access to kid-friendly apps, games, books, TV shows, movies and more, many of which are educational and can help teach your child while they're having fun. Much of this content is by Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS and other well-known brands. There are also "best-in-class" parental controls that can let you restrict what your child will see and set usage time limits. The content provided is best suited for kids aged 3 through 12.

FreeTime Unlimited content can be accessed on a variety of devices too, including Fire TVs, iOS and Android devices, and Kindle e-readers. You can even download content for offline viewing.

If you're still in the market for some tech for tots this Christmas, the Kids Edition Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers are currently on sale, as is the kid-friendly Amazon Echo Dot.

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