Portal from Facebook sale drops prices as low as $89 for the summer

Portal Facebook Gen 1 Hero
Portal Facebook Gen 1 Hero

Since its public launch in late 2006, Facebook has helped revolutionize the way we communicate with our long-distance friends and family members. With just a few clicks, you could be chatting with your grandparents who live in another state or your childhood best friend who you haven't seen in 20 years, and now Portal from Facebook offers an even better way to stay connected.

Only during July, Facebook is having a sale on the original Portal (Gen 1) device that's bringing its price down to just $89 when you use promo code PORTALSUMMER during checkout. The code is valid on both colorways of the Portal (Gen 1) and saves you over 50% off its full price of $199. Alternatively, if one of the newer Portal from Facebook models catches your eye instead, you can save $50 off the purchase of any two and even ship them to multiple addresses at no additional cost! Free two-day shipping is included in select countries.

The Portal from Facebook lets you connect face-to-face with long-distance friends and family members, and thanks to this month's sale, you can score one for your home for as low as $89 while supplies last! Simply use promo code PORTALSUMMER during checkout to save $110 on the first generation Portal from Facebook.

Text messages just aren't the same as conversing face-to-face. This 10.1-inch smart display seeks to bridge the gap by letting you easily video call other Portal users, or even just Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp users. The Smart Camera tracks you and adjusts to follow you around, meaning you could, for instance, chat with your parents while cooking dinner or hang out with far-away relatives while they open up their birthday presents.

Alexa is built-in so you can voice control your smart home, check who's at the front door, listen to your favorite music, and more hands-free. When not in use, the Portal even acts as a digital photo frame showing you your favorite Facebook or Instagram photos.

For those with privacy concerns, Facebook doesn't listen to, view, or keep the contents of your Portal video calls. Every call is encrypted, and you can easily block the camera with the included cover or disable the camera and microphone with a single tap. You must have a Facebook account to use Portal devices, though not everyone on the call has to have a Portal device thankfully. They can use their own device and its built-in camera and microphone to begin chatting with you.

Today's deal on the first generation Portal from Facebook is coming to an end on July 31, though there's always the chance for it to sell out early, so be sure to shop soon if you don't want to miss this offer.

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