The next flagship phone from OnePlus looks set to boast impressive benchmark scores, while adopting an iPhone X-like display notch. Images obtained by Android Central from a source close to OnePlus reveal AnTuTu benchmark scores from the OnePlus 6, codenamed A6000, while also revealing other key details about the upcoming flagship.

The overall score of 276510 bests the previous champion, Xiaomi's upcoming Mi Mix 2S, which is set to launch March 27. The CPU score also makes it pretty clear that this phone will run Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 845, which shouldn't really be a surprise given OnePlus's history of shipping the latest processors.

OnePlus 6 benchmarks OnePlus 6 benchmarks

Benchmarks alone can't tell you much about how responsive a phone will feel to use. However, OnePlus's most recent devices have been among the most speedy-feeling we've used, and it can't hurt to have that performance pedigree backed up by top scores in synthetic benchmarks.

Another well-known company embraces the notch.

Most interestingly, today's leak appears to corroborate earlier live photos of the OnePlus 6, showing a telltale space up top for a display cutout. The middle of the status bar is taller, and conspicuously blank, with the system clock relocating over to the left and a truncated set of icons on the right. There's pretty much only one reason to arrange your UI in this way, so consider it confirmed that the OnePlus 6 will follow the most polarizing smartphone trend of 2018. The aspect ratio of the screenshots is 19:9 — which is effectively 18:9 with a little extra space up top for the notch.

Based on previous leaks we can also expect the phone to pack a glass-backed design — the first in a OnePlus phone since the OnePlus X — along with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, dual cameras and minimal screen bezels.

Given that we're seeing details of the OnePlus 6 leak already, it's possible we're looking at a launch earlier in the year this time around. Last year's OnePlus 5 arrived in late June, with the first pre-launch details emerging around a month out from launch.