Charging your phone is one of those daily chores you might not think about too much. Maybe you got a charger in the box, or you're still using one from years ago that still does the job. But there's more to charging your phone than just charging your phone.

Most devices these days support some form of fast charging, usually over USB Power Delivery (USB-PD). Qi wireless charging is becoming more common, especially at the high end. And maybe you're still sharing one charger between multiple devices as you top up a phone, tablet, earbuds, and perhaps even a wearable or two.

Picking up the right charging gear can make a big difference to the minor inconveniences we're all familiar with. And with Cyber Monday now in full swing, with plenty of great Android deals out there, it's a great time to make sure all your charging needs are sorted.

These are our picks of some charging essentials that every Android owner needs, all of which you'll find discounted right now.

Anker Qi Powerbank

Anker PowerCore Wireless 10,000mAh

Save 15% on this Anker power bank, which combines the convenience of built-in Qi wireless charging with a large capacity, twin USB-A ports for output, and USB-C in. And since you can recharge the battery while wirelessly charging your phone, it also doubles as a fixed Qi charging station.

$30.59 at Amazon
USB C cables

CyvenSmart 6-foot 3-pack USB-A to USB-C cables

Get stocked up on USB-A-to-C cables with this 3-pack from CyvenSmart. Right now, they're 47% off on Amazon and feature 3A fast charging support and spring protection to avoid fraying of the cord.

$8.40 at Amazon
Mongoora car charger

Mongoora dual Quick Charge 3.0 car charger

Quick Charge 3 is still a reasonably quick charging spec, and given the dirt-cheap pricing of this unit, we think it's definitely worth picking up if you're frustrated with slow in-vehicle charging. This device features dual outputs to charge both your phone and a second device.

$12.70 at Amazon
Anker slim powerbank

Anker PowerCore Slim 10,000mAh

Everyone needs a good quality, solid slim power supply, and that's exactly what this Anker powerbank delivers. It's 25% off right now on Amazon and features USB-PD support for charging speeds of up to 18W.

$22.93 at Amazon
Anker PowerWave

Anker PowerWave Stand

Reduced 22% from its already low starting price, this Anker Qi wireless charging stand is an easy impulse buy. It'll charge a supporting phone wirelessly (and silently) at up to 10W and supports charging in landscape or portrait orientation.

$15.19 at Amazon
Dual Wall Chargers

LUOATIP 3-pack Dual Port USB Power Cube

Little "wall wart" chargers like this are always useful to have around. This 3-pack of tiny chargers from LUOATIP, now 15% off, output at a reasonably high 2.1A and come with two USB-A ports to share that juice between multiple devices.

$10.19 at Amazon
Anker PPS charger

Anker PowerPort III Pod Lite

For heavy-duty fast-charging (or laptop recharging), you'll want to check out this 65W Anker pod charger, which can refill both the latest MacBooks as well as current Android phones and iPhones. It's 18% off on Amazon right now.

$27.99 at Amazon

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