Bundle the Echo Dot Kids Edition with an Echo Glow smart lamp at 50% off today

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Echo Glow Bundle Hero
Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Echo Glow Bundle Hero (Image credit: Amazon)

Curious children are the cutest, but they can also be a bit of a handful with their constant questions about why the sky is blue and how whales can float and why is Earth. Now, thanks to the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition speaker, Alexa can start fielding questions for you while always providing 100% kid-friendly answers. While the Echo Dot Kids Edition regularly sells for $69.99, right now you can snag one bundled with an Echo Glow smart lamp for only $49.99 and save 50% off the usual cost of both products in the process.

Today's deal allows you to choose between either Blue or Rainbow models of the Echo Dot Kids Edition. An entire year of FreeTime Unlimited is also included with your purchase, which gives your child access to age-appropriate books, music, games, cartoons, audiobooks, and more — some of which can be accessed using the Echo Dot.

Treat your kids to this two-pack of smart devices at 50% off the usual cost, including the Echo Dot Kids Edition smart speaker and the Echo Glow multi-color smart lamp. You'll score a year of FreeTime Unlimited with the purchase as well.

This smart speaker is pretty similar to the latest Amazon Echo Dot, with the main differences being its paint job and parental controls. However, the Kids Edition even comes with a two-year worry-free warranty which states that Amazon will replace the speaker within that time frame if it's damaged, no matter what happens to it. That's a pretty handy guarantee when it comes to something you'll be handing over to tiny troublemakers.

Kids will love the Echo Dot, and they'll likely take to it quicker than most adults too. With a few words, they can have Alexa playing their favorite songs, telling them stories, calling approved family members or friends, and more. With built-in parental controls, you can set daily time limits and review your child's activity, and there's also a Microphone Off button to mute the microphone if that's something you're concerned about.

Meanwhile, the Echo Glow is a multi-color smart lamp for kids. It requires a compatible Alexa device to work, such as the Echo Dot Kids Edition. This lamp allows kids to control its color and brightness using their voice. You can also create lighting cues that will help your child count down to dinner time or other daily events.

The Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet is on sale today too, and it'd be a fantastic pick to help your child access the rest of the FreeTime Unlimited content. It includes the same two-year no-questions-asked warranty that the Echo Dot Kids Edition comes with.

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