Yes, you read that title correctly. I'm telling you not to go out and buy a Chromebook right now. Sounds crazy, right? But hear me out.

We've been talking a lot about Android apps coming to Chromebooks. That's because we are just as excited about it as plenty of you guys are. Chromebooks have always been really good at getting online easily, staying safe while you do it, and with zero worries about typical "PC-style" management. Turn them on, log in with your Google account and do your thing. Adding Android apps to the mix fills in the gaps for the things they didn't do well pretty nicely. It's gonna be fun. Here I go again — I can't help it because I'm stoked.

But another tidbit from the little meeting where Google told the world (and about 100 journos and bloggers) about the coming news is something we can't over look — more Chromebook manufacturers are working on newer models that have more of the hardware you want (and need) to do the Android thing better. Google's Kan Liu, Chrome OS' Director of Product Management, mentions it about 21:00 into the video from the event.

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There's a list of existing Chrome OS devices that will get Android app support. You can have a gander at it right here. And there are some good Chromebooks on that list — internally, we're kind of partial to the 4GB Chromebook Flip. But I have to be honest, that's mostly because someone else who signs checks and issues expense accounts is paying for them. Things are different when it's not your money getting handed over for a new laptop.

Before you know it, something you like better might be released.

Now I know plenty of the people reading this are like me and going to rush out and buy one anyway. Some of us have "gadget budgets" or take the art of flipping phones and techie hardware to a whole 'nother level. I can't blame you, becasuse I would also ignore this sound advice so I could be playing with Android apps on Chrome from day one.

But for the rest of us — those with a bit more common sense, maybe — now is not the time. Before you know it something new will be out, and there's a really good chance it will suit your needs better than what's currently offered. Unless you absolutely need to buy a new laptop right away, the smart move is to hold off a bit. Android apps on Chrome will probably be in beta for a while anyway, and there's no harm in letting someone else do the testing while you wait for the better bargain.

Chromebooks for all

Lenovo C340-11 Chromebook


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