On the Galaxy S10, and many other phones, there's a feature called "Always on Display" that allows you to keep the S10's screen on at all times. In the Always on Display mode, you can see the time, date, battery, and more.

It's a feature a lot of people tend to really like, and looking through the AC forums, this point holds true.


I only have it on while charging. I usually turn it in manually when I'm at the gym cause I have headphones connected to the overhead TV and cant hear my phone so I need to see at a glance if any notifications have came in but I haven't been at the gym in a while so...


My AOD is always on. No problems so far.


Mine is scheduled between 7:00am and 11:00pm.


Always on. As others have said it's a core feature of the phone. It would be silly not to use it. It uses almost no battery power so what in the world is the down side?


How about you? Do you use Always on Display on the Galaxy S10?

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