Verizon is currently offering a 50% savings on the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. Not only do you get a serious phone discount, but you also get stellar service on Verizon's top-ranked network.

All you need to do is trade in an eligible device in good, working condition and purchase a brand new Pixel 2 or Galaxy S9 on an installment plan. The 50% discount will be applied via 24 monthly bill credits that start within two billing cycles. You'll need to stay on your installment plan for the full 24 months to receive full credit.

Here's an estimate of what you would pay each month for your device. This does not include the cost of your service plan or monthly taxes and surcharges.

Full Retail/50% off Monthly Payment/50% off
Galaxy S9 $799.99/$399.99 $33.33/$16.66
Galaxy S9 Plus $929.99/$464.99 $38.74/$19.37
Pixel 2 $649.99/$324.99 $27.08/13.54
Pixel 2 XL $849.99/$424.99 $35.41/$17.71

The Fine Print

  • Purchase of new phone must be on an installment plan
  • Discount is applied via 24 monthly bill credits and starts within 2 bills. To get the full value, you will need to stay on your installment payment plan for the full 24 months.
  • Trade-in device must be an eligible model and be in good working condition
  • Activation fee of $25/line applies
  • Requires a new line of service to qualify
  • If you cancel service, the full balance is due
  • This deal excludes device's sales taxes