Deal: Verizon is offering 50% off the Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S9

Verizon is currently offering a 50% savings on the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. Not only do you get a serious phone discount, but you also get stellar service on Verizon's top-ranked network.

All you need to do is trade in an eligible device in good, working condition and purchase a brand new Pixel 2 or Galaxy S9 on an installment plan. The 50% discount will be applied via 24 monthly bill credits that start within two billing cycles. You'll need to stay on your installment plan for the full 24 months to receive full credit.

Here's an estimate of what you would pay each month for your device. This does not include the cost of your service plan or monthly taxes and surcharges.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Full Retail/50% offMonthly Payment/50% off
Galaxy S9$799.99/$399.99$33.33/$16.66
Galaxy S9 Plus$929.99/$464.99$38.74/$19.37
Pixel 2$649.99/$324.99$27.08/13.54
Pixel 2 XL$849.99/$424.99$35.41/$17.71

The Fine Print

  • Purchase of new phone must be on an installment plan
  • Discount is applied via 24 monthly bill credits and starts within 2 bills. To get the full value, you will need to stay on your installment payment plan for the full 24 months.
  • Trade-in device must be an eligible model and be in good working condition
  • Activation fee of $25/line applies
  • Requires a new line of service to qualify
  • If you cancel service, the full balance is due
  • This deal excludes device's sales taxes
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  • Bill credits and a new line are the key elements here
  • Yup. Typical misleading scam to keep you on a 2 year contract while claiming they have gotten rid of contracts...and no one wants to open a new line to get a new phone, they want to upgrade.
  • Honestly I rather have the old subsidized plan return compared to financing new phones.
  • The subsided plans from approximately 2 years ago were a rip-off because they doubled your line access fee.
  • According to the Verizon Wireless website the discount received depends on the particular phone you trade in (it's "up to 50% off") and there are other perks. They throw in a free Google Home Mini and a free Chromecast as well as 2 free months of YouTube TV service. There is no mention of the requirement of a new line of service.
  • I did not see anything about requiring a new line of service, either.
  • If you have VZW already, let me tell you what to do. Add your new line, call in to switch the numbers on your line (your old number gets put on the new phone and the new number gets put on the old phone), then cancel the old line. You take advantage of the deal and keep your old number.
  • Although that is a brilliant thought on how to "bypass" the system, that will not work in cases where you need to add a new line because you lose the discount as soon as that line is disconnected. This particular deal though does not require a new line though. Just a qualifying trade in
  • Not looked at the list of phones that qualify as trade in but if sold privately you would be at almost 50% anyway.