Connect with friends and family and save $100 on the Facebook Portal smart display

Facebook Portal Smart Display
Facebook Portal Smart Display (Image credit: Amazon)

In a world filled with GameStop stocks, football players getting paid in BitCoin, and TikTok on your TV, it can be hard to stay grounded and connected with the people you love. Thanks to this early Black Friday sale from Facebook, you can change that and save some money with the Facebook Portal smart display on sale for $79. That's $100 off its regular price.


Facebook Portal | $100 off

This smart display puts a lot of emphasis on great video calls so you can check in with your friends and family during the holidays. It has a smart A.I. that can track you even while you move around during the call. Today's deal takes $100 off.

Recent deals on the Portal devices required you to buy more than one, but if that was never in the cards for you then this deal might be better since you only need to get one to save. You can buy more than one if you want and still save. Add up to four in your cart and get them for $316 total instead of $716. The site lets you ship to multiple addresses from one order for free, so you could send a smart display to your family if they don't already have one. This deal is also available on Amazon.

The Portal makes video calling super easy. For one thing, it's already designed to work well with Facebook's platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp. Plus you can use it with popular software like Zoom, too, and even communicate with others who aren't necessarily using a Portal. You can even participate in a group call with up to 50 people using Messenger Rooms. Have a virtual party.

The smart camera on the Portal can automatically pan and zoom. It works to keep everyone in the frame, which frees you up to do other stuff. Keep moving around the kitchen finishing your meal prep while you talk to your friends. The mics can also prioritize your voice so that background noises are minimized and only you are heard.

Use the smart display to stream from your favorite apps, too, including music apps like Spotify or Pandora. You can display photos from Instagram or Facebook, and you can even broadcast live. With Amazon Alexa built right into the platform you can use voice commands to control your smart home, get the news or weather, and more.

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