Get this Lenovo 3i Chromebook at a great price on Prime Day

Lenovo 3i Chromebook
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Prime Day is always a good time to buy a Chromebook, but finding the right one can be difficult. You have to wade through everything that's getting old, and retailers want to move out of inventory to find one that is worth the money like this Lenovo 3i Chromebook that's on sale for $254 at Amazon.

It's a 2023 model from a company that knows a thing or two about dependable laptops built for everyday life for everyday people. Paired with Chrome OS, it's a simple but fully-featured way to do everything you need a small laptop to do.

Lenovo 3i Chromebook:$299.99$254.99 at Amazon

Lenovo 3i Chromebook: $299.99 $254.99 at Amazon

It's not flashy and won't dazzle you with specs. But if you want a Chromebook that's dependable and does just what you need at a good price, it's the one to buy.

The Lenovo 3i Chromebook isn't a spec monster with a superfast processor and oodles of memory, but most people don't need a Chromebook with those specs. A Chromebook that can do everything — surf the web, online shopping or banking, social media, and even horrible things like working from home — at the right price is much more practical.

You still have some great features. The 1080p screen is great, the Celeron processor is more than fast enough to do almost anything, and 8GB of RAM means you can have a bunch of Chrome tabs open for playing Sudoku while you're working.

Three USB ports and an HDMI port make it easy to attach peripherals when working at a desk, and 10 hours of battery life means you don't have to do it. There's even a pair of forward-facing stereo speakers, so your tunes don't sound like you're inside a trash can.

If I were buying a Chromebook on Prime Day, this is the Chromebook I would buy. It's not absurdly over-specced, and the price reflects it. But I know it will do what I want it to do every time I turn it on.

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