Score five months of any Tidal music streaming plan for only $5!

Tidal Music Pop Life
Tidal Music Pop Life (Image credit: Android Central)

Tidal had a few awesome offers last holiday season, but this month's deal might be even more enticing if you're not a member already. For a limited time, you can score five months of Tidal music streaming for only $5!

The best part about this deal is that it doesn't restrict you to the basic, individual streaming plan. You can choose any Tidal plan with this offer, including the High-Fidelity, Family, and Student plans. You'll pay only $5 total for your first five months of membership, with the ability to end your subscription at any time if you decide it's not the right music streaming service for you. Once the first five months has passed, you'll start to be billed the regular monthly price of the plan you've chosen.

Tidal is home to a bevy of exclusive content that you can't find anywhere else, including its newest addition: Now Playing playlists. There are over 500 to listen to which are comprised of tracks selected by some of the most popular current artists so you can hear what your favorite musicians are being inspired by lately. However, the best part about Tidal is simply its ability to let you listen to high quality versions of over 60 million songs, and over 250,000 videos are available to watch too. Choose the Hi-Fi plan and downgrade later if you need to, but you shouldn't miss the opportunity to score Tidal's best plan at this price.

You'll be able to listen to Tidal pretty much anywhere, since the Tidal app can be downloaded to your phone or tablet. You can even access it via some smart TVs, smart speakers, and your computer's internet browser. Tidal even allows you to download songs so you can listen to them later when you don't have service or access to Wi-Fi.

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