Best answer: A phone that's locked to T-Mobile will not work on Mint Mobile. T-Mobile will unlock your locked phone free of charge if you meet its requirements, or alternatively, you can buy a new, already unlocked phone that won't break the bank.

Mint Mobile does not work with locked phones

If you're thinking about joining Mint Mobile and already have a phone you'd like to use with the service, it's important to note that it must be unlocked in order to work.

What exactly does that mean?

Let's say you have a phone that you bought from T-Mobile. That phone is locked to the carrier and, therefore, cannot be used with a competing network.

If you bought an unlocked phone from a store like Amazon or Best Buy, you're in the clear.

T-Mobile will unlock your device free of charge

Most carriers provide unlocking services for customers that want to take their devices elsewhere, and T-Mobile is not an exception.

To unlock a T-Mobile phone, all you need to do is get in touch with the company and let a customer support agent know that you'd like to unlock your phone.

T-Mobile has a list of requirements you must meet in order to unlock your device, and you can read through all of them right here. Assuming you're eligible for the unlock service, T-Mobile will send an unlock code to you completely free within two business days.

You can also just buy a new phone

Should you not meet all of T-Mobile's requirements, you can also just purchase a new phone to use on Mint Mobile. Most unlocked phones should work just fine, and we have a couple options below that we recommend checking out if you decide to go this route.

Our pick

Nokia 7.1

Way better than it should be.

The Nokia 7.1 is currently one of our favorite mid-range smartphones around. It has a premium metal + glass design, a stunning 5.84-inch display with HDR support, and a fantastic software experience with guaranteed updates for the next two years. It even has NFC for Google Pay!

Super affordable

Moto G6

A great option for tighter budgets.

If $350 is more than you're able to spend on a new phone, the Moto G6 is another great buy. It's got a large 5.7-inch Full HD display, dual rear cameras, and a sleek glass body. The software is just as good (if not better) than the Nokia 7.1's, but it doens't come with the same guaranteed update support.

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