Bring two lines to Verizon 5G and get up to $1000 off of two new phones

Samsung Galaxy S20+
Samsung Galaxy S20+ (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

Verizon is adding even more value to its holiday deals with a buy one get one deal for 5G phones when you bring two lines to Verizon's unlimited plans with Ultra Wideband service. This includes the Play More, Get More, and Do More unlimited plans. This plan comes with up to $1000 in savings applied to 24 bill credits when you buy two qualifying phones, many of which are some of the best Android phones you can get. For many devices like the Galaxy S20+ 5G, that's free. This also comes with two $250 Verizon eGift cards sent within eight weeks.

This deal applies to a handful of 5G Android phones alongside a similar deal for 5G-enabled iPhones. The discount works out to $41.66 per month for 24 months or $33.33 per month for 30 months if you prefer. The Galaxy S20+ 5G and OnePlus 8 5G UW are the standout deals thanks to existing discounts taking the monthly payments even lower than normal. When we reviewed them earlier this year, the S20 Plus and the OnePlus 8 were both great options.

It's also worth noting that this deal applies to phones over $1000 like the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G allowing you to get two of them for a great discount. It doesn't have the same ring as free, but if you're looking to get one of the most interesting, and most expensive smartphones of the year, this might be the right time. In our review of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, we liked it quite a lot.

With two new lines and 24 months

You can also mix it up

One thing to keep in mind about this deal is that you can mix and match phones as long as the second phone is of equal or lesser value. If you want something more expensive on one line, but want to save a little money on the second line, you can. Not everyone needs or wants the most expensive phone. You'll still need to sign up for the unlimited plan however so no matter what, both lines will get a ton of data.

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