Boost Mobile buyer's guide: Everything you need to know

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Boost Mobile is owned by DISH Wireless but at least for now, it primarily runs on the T-Mobile network. Boost Mobile is known for its affordable data plans and one of the best add-ons for people who need to roam in Mexico. It has a plan that will work for just about anyone, whether you need just 1GB of data or up to 30GB. Check out our detailed Boost Mobile buyer's guide to know everything about its plans, devices, and much more!

Boost Mobile buyer's guide: The network

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Initially based on Sprint's network, Boost Mobile now utilizes the combined network infrastructure of T-Mobile (primarily), its parent company DISH Wireless, and also to some extent, AT&T. As such, it can be a solid option for many customers.

T-Mobile's network coverage has improved a lot in the past few years and with many of Sprint's assets now under its belt, it continues to get better — especially when it comes to 5G coverage. Boost Mobile refers to T-Mobile's network as its expanded network.

Dish Wireless is working on implementing its own 5G network infrastructure going forward, but that's going to take quite some time. At least for the next few years, it's safe to think of Boost Mobile as a T-Mobile carrier.

Boost Mobile buyer's guide: Boost Mobile's plans

While Boost Mobile has gone a long way to simplify its plan offerings, things can still seem a bit complicated. The plans start off with 1GB of data a month, with unlimited talk and text bundled too if you buy 12 months of service upfront. You can also get 5GB, 15GB, and unlimited plans depending on how long you want to sign up for. It's worth mentioning that some plans are only available for new customers.

The unlimited plans come with 30GB of high-speed data and an allotment of hotspot data. The lower 'Unlimited' plan comes with 12GB of hotspot data, while the higher 'Unlimited Plus' plan comes with 30GB of hotspot data. For other plans, hotspot use is shared with data allotment. Once the data limit is reached, data speeds are reduced to 512kbps.

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Boost Mobile Plans
PlansMonthly3 months12 months
1GBNot availableNot available$100 ($8.33 per month, new customers only)
5GB$15 per month$45 ($15 per month, new customers only)Not available
15GBNot availableNot available$240 ($20 per month)
Unlimited$25 per month (new customers only)Not availableNot available
Unlimited$40 per month (new customers only)$90 ($30 per month)$300 ($25 per month)
Unlimited Plus$60 per monthNot availableNot available

There are savings for those signing up for the unlimited plans with multiple lines, however. New customers opting for one of the two unlimited plans (priced $40 and $60) can add up to an extra four lines and avail a $20 discount per line.

Keep in mind that while you can remove a line from your account at any time, it's only possible to add lines at the time of purchasing the service. Also, removing a line will be reflected at the start of your next billing cycle.

Boost Mobile Buyer's Guide: Add-ons and perks

One of Boost Mobile's most well-known features is its add-ons which are great for customers who also need international service(s). The 'Todo Mexico' add-on allows you to use the service while roaming in Mexico including receiving calls, unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones (both in Mexico and in the US while roaming in Mexico), unlimited texting to more than 200 countries, up to 8GB of roaming data (depending on your plan), and more. All this can be added to any Boost Mobile plan at just $5 a month, while the $60 plan already comes bundled with it.

Then there's the 'Global talk & text' add-on, which enables calling (to landlines and mobile phones) and texting from the US to more than 200 countries. This add-on costs $10 a month.

Apart from these, you can also get additional data packs, which can be either one-time or recurring. These range from 1GB ($5 a month) to 10GB ($30 a month).

Boost Mobile has also expanded with a number of other add-ons, including Secure Wi-Fi (a VPN service for public Wi-Fi access), and Boost Shield, an insurance program with McAfee Security included.

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Boost Mobile Add-ons
Todo Mexico$5 per month for all plans, included with $60 plan
Global Talk & Text$10 per month
Data Packs$5 for 1GB, $10 for 2GB, $15 for 5GB, and $30 for 10GB
Boost Device Protection$2.75-18 per month
Secure Wi-Fi$2 per month

Boost Mobile buyer's guide: The phones

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Boost Mobile sells a wide range of Android phones and iPhones via its website, with everything from budget devices to semi-recent flagships. If you're looking for a high-end Android, you can choose something like the Galaxy Z Fold 5. The majority of the devices available tend to be affordable options.

Still, if you want one of the best Android phones, just about any unlocked device that supports T-Mobile's network should work on Boost Mobile without any issues. Unlocked phones are also nice since they allow you to easily switch carriers.

Boost Mobile buyer's guide: The prepaid advantage

Even if you've checked the coverage map, it's still possible that you won't be satisfied with the area(s) served by Boost Mobile. But since this is a prepaid carrier that we're talking about, you aren't locked into a contract, and are free to try out more options. Just be sure to transfer your phone number before you let your contract run out, or you could lose it.

Boost Mobile is also flexible with its plans and savings, so if you're willing to sign up for up to 12 months at a time, you can save a lot of money. It's also worth keeping in mind that bigger carriers like to lock you in with phone promotions that can often be expensive to get out of. Using a prepaid carrier with an unlocked phone, gives you a lot of options to move around and find what suits your needs the best. If you're not happy with Boost Mobile for one reason or another, there are plenty of alternative carriers to choose from.

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