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The best Chromebooks are wonderful computers that are light enough to tote anywhere, while also filled with rich features making them ideal as a primary office or school computer. Among the many accessories you can get for your Chromebook, a wrist rest is especially useful for those who type or game a lot to relieve pressure on hands and arms. The best wrist rests will sit securely in front of the keyboard without sliding around, uniquely contour to the shape of your wrist, has a nice bounce, and is cool and gentle on your skin. Of the many choices available, these are the best wrist rests for Chromebooks.

Irocks Irc41 Wrist Rest

Everything you need: i-rocks IRC41 Wrist Rest Pad

Staff Pick

There are no frills with this wrist rest. Finished in basic black, it features memory foam that contours to the size and shape of your hands. It doesn't lose its shape and is covered by soft fabric that's gentle on your skin while also keeping your hands cool. Add the anti-slip base and slim size (2.2x0.83 inches) and this wrist rest has everything you'd need to use with your Chromebook.

$17 at Amazon
Cushioncare Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad

Extra cushioning: CushionCare 2-Piece Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad

Designed to help you maintain the proper wrist alignment, this thick, rectangular wrist rest is made of memory foam that contours to the shape of your wrist and stays in place thanks to the non-slip back. As a bonus, like many others on this list, it comes with a free matching mouse pad that also has a built-in wrist rest.

$17 at Amazon
Mosiso Wrist Rest Pad

Fun and fashionable: MOSISO Wrist Rest Support

Those with quirky sensibilities will appreciate this wrist rest that comes in a variety of different styles, colors, and patterns alongside a matching mouse pad. Filled with memory foam, it is covered with a breathable neoprene cloth with reinforced edges to ensure it's built to last. The non-slip rubber base keeps it in place.

$18 at Amazon
Richen Keyboard Wrist Rest

Get motivated: RICHEN Keyboard Wrist Rest

From funky animal designs (sloth, anyone?) accompanied by motivational sayings to trendy patterns and color schemes, this wrist rest is designed to keep you feeling great in more ways than one while you work. Durable and lightweight, made of memory foam, it, too, has an anti-slip rubber base and comes with a matching mousepad.

From $15 at Amazon
Gimars Wrist Rest Pad

Reliable option: Gimars Gel Memory Foam Wrist Rest Pad

Get the basics you need with this breathable gel memory foam keyboard wrist rest and matching mousepad. Available in five color choices, the non-skid rubber base keeps it in place while you type away.

Victsing Keyboard Wrist Rest

Super affordable: VictSing Keyboard Wrist Rest

If you're into pastels, you'll love this keyboard wrist rest that comes in three bright pastel hues as well as basic black. Made with memory foam cushioning and a non-slip texture base, the matching mousepad ensures full wrist support, no matter what you're doing on the Chromebook.

Which wrist rest should you choose?

Chromebooks are versatile devices for both work and play, ideal for business users, students, and average Joes looking for a reliable laptop, alike. While they typically come with the Chrome OS built-in, you can load them up with other goodies, like Microsoft Office, when additional productivity apps are needed.

Whatever the reason you use a Chromebook, if you're going to be typing away from some length of time, whether you're a writer, programmer, or work with word processing in some way, or even if you're a heavy gamer, a wrist rest can help ease the stress on your hands. And on this list, there's one to fit every need. But the i-rocks IRC41 is an all-around good choice that will offer breathability, comfort, and support. Plus, if you don't use a mouse, you aren't paying to get a matching mousepad that will just collect dust.

Those who prefer something more than basic black will love the patterns and designs available with models like the MOSISO Wrist Rest Support and RICHEN Keyboard Wrist Rest. And if you use a mouse as well, especially for long work sessions, the fact that they come with matching mousepads is a bonus.

Keep in mind that none of these wrist rests need to be exclusively used with a Chromebook. They can all be used with virtually any laptop or computer keyboard.

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