Best USB-C hubs for Chromebooks 2024

Chromebooks are built light, lithe, and long-lasting. Still, as more Chromebooks shed USB-A and card-reading ports for future-proof, multifunctional USB-C ports, users are faced with a choice. You can try to upgrade all your peripherals to USB-C, or you can get a USB-C hub and keep using your USB-A keyboard, as well as ripping photos off your camera's SD cards. Many USB-C hubs also support HDMI monitors, Ethernet, and Power Delivery charging, so no matter your needs, there's a great USB-C hub out there for you. Here are some of the best Chromebook USB-C hubs you can buy right now.

What are the best USB-C Chromebook hubs?

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Pick the hub that's right for you

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While the HyperDrive 5-in-1 USB-C hub was announced about a year ago, it's only recently become more widely available. It's supported by the Google "Works with Chromebook" initiative, meaning that you shouldn't have any issue using this with any of the best Chromebooks. Hyper has been in the USB-C hub game for a while, getting its start over on the iPad and Apple side of the world. But this USB-C Chromebook hub adds all of the ports you might need.

Since I got the Uni USB-C hub two years ago, I've been absolutely in love with it. I can swap out the short cable it comes with for a longer USB-C to USB-C cable to organize cables further away from my Chromebook on my standing desk (it'll probably come in handy for you if you work from home). Just be mindful that if you're using it for an external monitor, you'll need the best USB-C cable rated to 10Gbps to ensure the picture doesn't stutter. It's also the size of a credit card with the cables detached, making it one of the easiest hubs to pack for frequent travelers or students.

Want something beefier and more stationary for your office desk? You may consider upgrading from a USB-C hub to a full-fledged docking station. Docking stations usually have their own power supply, a wide variety of ports, and longer cables so you can keep your desk less cluttered.

Note: Unless you know you're going to be using headphones through it every time you plug it in, you might want to avoid USB-C hubs with a headphone jack. When I use hubs and docking stations with headphone jacks, it sometimes mixes the input/outputs while using video calling services like Google Meet and Zoom.

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