Best USB-C Hubs for Chromebooks Android Central 2019

Chromebooks are built light, lithe, and long-lasting, but as more Chromebooks shed USB-A and card-reading ports for future-proof, multi-functional USB-C ports, users are faced with a choice. You can try to upgrade all your peripherals to USB-C, or you can get a USB-C hub and keep using your USB-A keyboard and ripping photos off your camera's SD cards. Many USB-C hubs also support HDMI monitors, Ethernet, and Power Delivery charging, too, so no matter your needs, there's a great USB-C hub out there for you!

Our pick: AUKEY CB-C59 60W USB-C Hub

Staff pick

This is the credit card-sized USB-C hub that I've been using and abusing for a year, hosting three USB-A peripherals, one HDMI display, one microSD, and one full-size SD card reader. The CB-C59's USB-C port can support 60W Power Delivery pass-through charging and data transfer.

$40 at Amazon

Pocket-friendly and powerful: Uni 6-in-1 and 8-in-1 USB-C Hubs

Uni is a relative newcomer in the accessory space, but its USB-C accessories and cables have been excellent price performers, and the company's first USB-C hubs have been my favorites to use this year thanks to their drop-resistant covers, removable USB-C cables, and ultra-compact size.

From $46 at Amazon

More power than we need: AUKEY Link PD USB-C Hub

The port configuration and data speeds on the AUKEY Link are identical to my beloved AUKEY CB-C59, so what makes the Aukey Link stand out? It's got a spiffier design, and its USB-C input is rated for up to 100W Power Delivery charging. Not many Chromebooks support those speeds yet, but you'll be ready when it comes.

$50 at Amazon

Aluminum & Ethernet excellence: Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter V2

Satechi's USB-C hubs have been some of the more reliable over the last few years, and while there are smaller, slimmer hubs in its lineup, the upgraded V2 version of Satechi's Multi-Port Adapter is the best value. Ethernet and 49W pass-through PD charging make this perfect for offices and dorms with spotty Wi-Fi.

$80 at Amazon

Connect it all compactly: VAVA USB-C Hub 8-in-1 Adapter

With a fold-out Ethernet port and 8 ports compactly crammed into a hub of most 6-in-1s, this hub is great for the overstuffed gear bags and long days of scrambling from classroom to classroom at school. VAVA's hub does use a bit more power, so keep your charger handy while using it. It supports PD passthrough charging up to 65W.

$60 at Amazon

Just the essentials: Anker 5-in-1 USB-C Hub

This smaller hub from peripheral powerhouse Anker may not charge your Chromebook, but given how many Chromebooks are shipping with 2 USB-C ports, that's not really a problem. This hub gives you the media essentials: 3 USB-A ports, one full-size SD card reader and one microSD card reader. Now rip that footage and get editing!

$26 at Amazon

Pick the hub that's right for you

The AUKEY CB-C59 has been with me through chaotic deadlines, editing on the go, and beyond my Pixelbook, I've used it with my Android phones more than once, but since I got the Uni USB-C hub, I've been in love with it.

Uni hubs

So long as I'm not using it for screen mirroring, I can swap out the short cable it comes with for a longer USB-C to C cable in order to organize cables further away from my Chromebook on my standing desk. It's also the size of a credit card with the cables detached, making it one of the easiest hubs to pack. The coupons on the Amazon listing also make the Uni hubs quite affordable right now!

That said, you might not need Ethernet and HDMI and seven other kinds of ports. If all you need is a card reader and a port for your mouse and keyboard, Anker's 5-in-1 will get you by without spending too much while still guaranteeing quality.

Note: Unless you know you're going to be using headphones through it every time you plug it in, you might want to avoid USB-C hubs with a headphone/mic combo jack. When I use hubs with headphone jacks, it sometimes mixes up the input/outputs when using video calling services like Hangouts Meet.

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