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If Sprint's your wireless carrier of choice (or contract commitment), you have access to a heap of Android phones that you can buy or lease no matter your budget. Whether you want a flagship from Samsung or a less expensive Motorola option, or anything in between, here are the best Sprint phones you can buy right now!

Does it all: Samsung Galaxy S10+

Staff pick

The Galaxy Note 9 is one of the biggest and baddest smartphones of the entire year. Its AMOLED display is a thing of beauty, its triple camera system lets you get a closer or wider shot at the tap of a button, and we seriously can't get enough of the gorgeous color options. This is a phone that does it all, and right now at Sprint, you can save big with a discounted monthly cost of just $25/month with $0 down.


Excellent camera: Google Pixel 3 XL

Google still rules the camera world with the Pixel 3 lineup. No matter the situation, you can get an incredible photo from either the computational photography prowess of the rear camera or the pair of front-facing cameras. The rest of the Pixel 3 XL isn't too shabby either with solid and understated hardware, good performance, average battery life and an exceptional software experience.


S Pen champ: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Note 9 may not be quite as new as the S10+, but it still offers something its newer sibling doesn't: support for the productivity-minded S Pen, which allows you to sign off on documents, jot down notes and drawings, and even control the phone remotely using the button on the side. S Pen aside, the Note 9 has Samsung's unmistakably gorgeous design language, great specs, and an incredible display.


A videographer's dream: LG V40

The V40 boasts a triple camera array with pro video features like manual camera controls, a far-field microphone, and LG Cine Shot, which allows you to shoot in a flat color profile and apply LUTs to your footage. Combined with a 6.4-inch AMOLED panel, Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM, and expandable storage, this is a terrific phone for videographers and casual users alike.


Budget hero: Google Pixel 3a

The Pixel 3a brings the same fantastic camera available in the Pixel 3 down to a much more affordable price, making it the best camera you can get at $400 by a longshot. The hardware has been scaled back to match the price point, but it all comes together pretty well for the money; and the battery life is surprisingly good for this relatively compact phone.


One-handed flagship: Samsung Galaxy S10e

If you hate how big phones have become over the years, you're not alone. Luckily, the S10e packs everything that makes the S10+ great into a much smaller package without making many compromises. You might even prefer its side-mounted fingerprint sensor over the in-display sensor on the S10+, and the flat display means less distortion when you're browsing the web or watching videos.


Which one will you choose?

Sprint's has a solid collection of phones available, and if you've got the means to afford it, we strongly recommend going with the Samsung Galaxy S10+. The hardware, display, cameras and software features all add up to get the job done no matter your needs. This is a phone that truly delivers on all fronts, and while it's not cheap, you definitely get what you pay for here.

For about the same money, you can get a cleaner software experience and even better camera with the Google Pixel 3 XL. For budget-conscious buyers, the Google Pixel 3a is a wonderful choice. The Pixel 3 phones both deliver a great camera and streamlined software. If you're looking to save money, Google did a fantastic job scaling down the 3 into the 3a — you essentially get the same camera with some software compromises.

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