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As of Aug. 2, 2020, the Sprint brand is no more. It's been laid to rest as part of the carrier's merger with T-Mobile, signaling the end of an era. If you're a current Sprint customer and looking to upgrade your phone, you'll need to do it through T-Mobile. Lucky for you, there are a ton of great options to choose from no matter what your budget is.

Perfect fit: Samsung Galaxy S20

Staff Pick

Without a doubt, Samsung's Galaxy S20 is the best phone you can buy on Sprint/T-Mobile right now. Samsung's Galaxy S series impresses every year, and this update for 2020 is especially exciting. The S20 delivers Samsung's first 120Hz AMOLED display, triple rear cameras, and a large 4,000 mAh battery. The 6.2-inch screen size keeps the phone easy to manage in one hand, not to mention the gorgeous Cloud Pink color you can get. And, yes, it supports T-Mobile's 5G network.

$42/month at T-Mobile

Going all out: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

While the Galaxy S20 is the best phone for most people, it isn't the most technically-impressive phone in Samsung's lineup. Instead, that title belongs to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The Note 20 Ultra is extremely expensive and overwhelmingly large, but it's also a force to be reckoned with. It has a 120Hz AMOLED display, excellent cameras, a frosted glass back, and the almighty S Pen, which adds a ton of extra functionality.

$54/month at T-Mobile

Flagship for less: OnePlus 8

The S20 and Note 20 Ultra are great phones, but they also cost quite a lot of money. If you'd like to get the flagship experience without breaking the bank, the OnePlus 8 is a great choice. Despite its lower price, you still get a ton of features you'll love — including a 90Hz AMOLED display, the ultra-fast Snapdragon 865 processor, really good cameras, and a large 4,300 mAh battery.

$29/month at T-Mobile

As cheap as it gets: Moto E

On the subject of affordable phones, another one we'd like to highlight is the Moto E. This is one of the cheapest phones Sprint/T-Mobile sells, and given the ultra-low price, it delivers a good user experience. It has great build quality, a headphone jack, good battery life, and a fingerprint sensor for securing all of your sensitive apps. It doesn't have the best processor or display, but if you need to spend as little as possible, it's worth a look.

$6/month at T-Mobile

Budget Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung makes some of the best Androids on the market, but oftentimes, the Samsung phones that get talked about the most are the priciest ones. Samsung has a few cheaper options in its lineup, one of which is the Galaxy A71. The A71 offers a high-end experience, though at a much lower price than something like the S20. It has a gorgeous AMOLED display, a huge battery, four rear cameras, and more.

$25/month at T-Mobile

Flippity flip: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Foldable phones are a reality, and if you're a Sprint/T-Mobile customer, you can buy one of the best ones that's currently available — the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. The Z Flip looks like a regular phone when it's open, but it can be closed at any time and become half the size for easy portability. It's also paired with the futuristic design are top-end specs, including an AMOLED screen, dual rear cameras, and a Snapdragon 865+ processor.

$58/month at T-Mobile

Which one will you choose?

Galaxy S20 Cloud Blue BackSource: Android Central

It is sad to see that Sprint is no more, but thankfully, T-Mobile's collection of Android phones is every bit as impressive as Sprint's ever was. Out of everything the carrier has to offer, we think the Galaxy S20 is the phone most people should get. Every aspect about the S20 is darn-near perfect, giving you one of the best Android offerings money can buy. It is expensive, but we think the S20 is well, well worth it.

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For people that want a flagship phone but can't justify the cost of the Galaxy S20, the OnePlus 8 is a fantastic alternative. It's built well, is as fast as can be, has great cameras, and comes in at a considerably lower price.

Speaking of price, the Moto E brings up the rear as the phone to get if money is especially tight. You have to put up with a fair share of compromises when buying a device this cheap, but for running your apps, making calls, and sending texts, the Moto E does it all while keeping most of your money in your pocket.

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