An easy way into the smart home space without having to completely replace everything is by getting a smart plug or two. Smart plugs take "dumb" technology and makes them smart by allowing for control via a smartphone application or voice assistant such as the Amazon Echo. There are many types of smart plugs out there for almost every use, and we have compiled them into a collection of the best of the best in smart plug technology.

Note: All of these smart plugs only connect to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

AI-powered energy monitoring: Currant Wifi Smart Outlet

Staff pick

Currant's WiFi Smart Outlet comes with two individually controllable outlets, but the most important part is the ability to build a Bluetooth mesh network of smart plugs. Currant's two-outlet smart plug offers the ability to see detailed breakdowns of your energy usage by the hour, day, month, or year. Additionally, Currant uses artificial intelligence to identify energy usage patterns to help suggest changes to help you save on your energy bill.

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Exclusively Alexa: Amazon Smart Plug

Best for simplicity

The easiest way to invest in the Amazon smart ecosystem is to invest in products from Amazon themselves. The Amazon Smart Plug works exclusively with Alexa, and is easy to set up out of the box. Just plug in, open the Alexa app and go.

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Watch that energy usage: Eufy Smart Plug

If you live in a place like the five boroughs of New York City, saving money is a necessary survival skill. Tracking energy usage is the best way to do that, and Anker's Eufy Smart Plug can help with that with the EufyHome app, You can even set schedules for all your devices that are plugged in to eliminate unneeded power consumption.

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It's a night light too: SUPERNIGHT Wifi Smart Plug

A smart plug is nice, and one with two individually controlled outlets is fantastic, but it's even better when it includes a night light. The SUPERNIGHT Wifi Smart Plug comes with a sensor that turn the built-in light on when the sun sets and off when the sun rises. This plug is also designed not to block the other outlet, enabling the use of a second smart plug or another device that doesn't need a smart outlet.

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Surge protection and energy monitoring: TP-Link Kasa Smart WiFi Power Strip

The Kasa Smart Power Strip comes with six individually controllable outlets as well as three always on USB outlets, making this device perfect for a game room or a entertainment center setup. The Kasa Smart app lets you control all six devices from anywhere, and can be controlled using any Alexa device.

From $80 at Amazon

Fast charging USB included: Innoclan Smart Power Strip

Innoclan's Smart Power Strip has only four individually controlled outlets, but also four USB outlets that have a special feature. These USB ports can be turned on and off — as a group — using Alexa voice commands, similar to the individual outlets.

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Independently controlled wall outlets: Kapok Smart WiFi Wall Outlet

If you're willing to get your hands a bit dirty — or lighten your pockets a bit — you can take your existing outlet and replace it with this Kapok Smart Wifi Wall Outlet. Beyond the individually controllable outlets, this wall outlet comes with two USB ports for charging your mobile devices.

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Extend your WiFi too: TP-Link Kasa AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender with Smart Plug

The Kasa AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender with Smart Plug isn't a smart plug first, but it doesn't take away from the functionality. The smart plug of this range extender functions similarly to the standalone Kasa smart plugs, all with the added bonus of stretching out your Wi-Fi to areas in your home that your Wi-Fi has trouble reaching.

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Smart patio party time: Teckin Outdoor Smart Plug

The Teckin Outdoor Smart Plug is made for taking your smart home experience outside of the four walls of your home. With an IP44 waterproofing rating, the Outdoor Smart Plug is ideal for those outdoor events that may result in some water being splashed or sprayed around a bit.

From $26 at Amazon

If we had to recommend some smart plugs:

The "perfect" smart plug is completely dependent on your needs in your home. The Amazon Smart Plug is just the right tool for connecting your not-so-smart devices to the Alexa ecosystem without having to setup a separate application, or needing a separate hub. All you need is your existing Echo device and the Alexa application to connect the Amazon Smart Plug to your Wi-Fi and you're all set.

If you need to watch your energy usage, the Currant Wifi Smart Outlet should be your pick. With it's meticulously detailed reports about your hourly, daily, monthly and yearly energy usage, along with the ability to connect multiple smart plugs via Bluetooth mesh network connectivity makes the Currant Wifi Smart Outlet system the pick of the frugal.

For those setting up a home office, man cave or a she shed, and want to fully automate the whole shebang, your pick should be the Kasa Smart Wifi Power Strip.. The ability to individually control each plug on its own can make for easy control of individual components in an entertainment center setup, such as a computer monitor, an audio-video receiver or a television, or even the air conditioner. It also has surge protection to protect any sensitive electronics that you may have set up. No matter what you're aiming for in a smart plug, there's something for everyone with smart plug technology.

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