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Best Samsung Galaxy S21 FE wallet cases 2022

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe Back Sunset
Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe Back Sunset (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

While our phones can replace our wallets in many instances with the magic of NFC wireless payments, we still need a wallet for those old-fashioned joints without Google Pay and our ID cards since digital ID isn't widespread (yet). In the meantime, let's keep our digital and physical wallets together with these Galaxy S21 FE wallet cases and card slot cases.

Folio vs card slot: Which Galaxy S21 FE wallet case is best for you?

While some manufacturers have tried to get creative with their wallet designs, we still have two main styles: Folios that fold over the screen, and card slots that put the cards at the back of the phone. Folios like the CoverON are bigger and bulkier, but they also blow card slot cases out of the water in terms of how much they can carry. Almost all folios also double as kickstands, and the cover can protect your screen when your phone is in your chaos theory-proof of a purse.

On the flip side, if you're not putting your phone in a purse, card slot cases are slimmer, easier to hold, and can look like regular cases at first glance, especially hidden card slots like Teelevo's wallet case. The VRS DESIGN Damda Glide Pro features more robust drop protection than a folio, great edges around the camera, and holds twice as many cards as its competitors. Getting that durability and longevity in a case that you'll hold multiple hours a day — and a card slide that you'll likely be using more than once a day — is critical to ensuring that the case won't give out on you and leave you without a wallet at the worst moment.

If these cases don't strike your fancy, there's a big, beautiful world of awesome Galaxy S21 FE cases out there for you to choose from, and for the security-minded among us, we've rounded out a robust rotation of heavy duty Galaxy S21 cases.

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