Best Samsung Galaxy S21 FE heavy duty cases 2024

While the plastic back of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is more durable and forgiving than the glass back on its predecessors, no phone comes out of the box fully defended against the horrors of the concrete jungle (well, except for some outdated Cat and Doogee phones). While most seek out Galaxy S21 FE cases that are slim and shiny, we prefer cases made of stronger stuff. These heavy-duty Galaxy S21 FE cases shall defend your new phone to the end.

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How heavy duty do you need your case to be?

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Heavy duty is a somewhat broad category as far as cases go because some of us just need durable while others need indestructible. The more rugged and drop-resistant a case is, the thicker it needs to be since it needs more mass to help absorb and redirect the energy from falls and hits. It's all about balancing how much bulk you're willing to accept for your protection.

Cases like the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro and the CaseBorne Armadillotek V strike the best balance for most Galaxy S21 FE owners. The former has a two-layer design that offers drop protection in the 10-15-foot range, while Supcase boasts 20-foot drop protection for the UB Pro. Both cases make use of their thick backs to add in large, stable kickstands that work in both portrait and landscape. The Supcase has a built-in plastic screen protector, while the ArmadilloTek V does not.

Built-in screen protectors can sometimes run afoul of in-screen fingerprint scanners, but thankfully case makers have worked to make things as seamless as possible. That said, plastic screen protectors can't offer the same protection for face-down drops as the best tempered glass screen protectors, which is why many heavy duty cases have ditched the plastic film gone "screenless." Tempered glass also has the benefit of feeling much better under your finger than plastic, but not all screen protectors work well with the beefier bumpers on heavy-duty cases — though thankful there's been progress on that end, too.

However, if you've gotten here and figured out that a heavy duty case isn't right for you, there are a lot of great Galaxy S21 FE cases you can check out.

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