Best Samsung Galaxy S21 FE screen protectors 2024

Like the original S21, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE features a flat screen, 120Hz refresh rate, and the brilliantly bright colors of a Samsung-tuned AMOLED display. Nothing would break my heart more than seeing such a beautiful screen shattered and spiderwebbed, and that's why the best Galaxy S21 FE screen protectors — especially tempered glass ones — are essential. We've rounded the best of them, so please, let's keep your screen safe.

You can count on these Samsung Galaxy S21 FE screen protectors

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Invest in proper protection for your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

If you break, crack, scratch, shatter, or otherwise damage your phone screen, your shiny new flagship turns into a low-profile paperweight. We avoid this with two things: a wonderful, protective case and a sturdy screen protector. Thanks to the popularity of the Samsung S20 FE, we have plenty of excellent options available for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE right out of the gate.

ZAGG and OtterBox are offering great name-brand protection, with the InvisibleShield Glass Elite offering a ClearPrint coating that helps fingerprints dissipate and keep your glass pristine, a tall feat these days as we spend more and more time on our phones. Installation is also easier than ever and no one is more grateful for that than I am.

Tempered glass makes for the best Galaxy S21 FE screen protectors

There are two main types of screen protectors: tempered glass and plastic films. Plastic films used to be all we had to choose from, but these days tempered glass screen protectors are plentiful and popular. Why? Impact absorption.

Quick physics lesson: If your phone falls face-first on the ground, the kinetic energy built up by the drop gets transmitted into the ground through the surface of the phone that makes contact. That kinetic energy combined with the ripples and flexes caused by the force of the fall is what makes screens break, and PET films are too thin to absorb that force.

Tempered glass screen protectors, on the other hand, have more mass and often the same hardness as the screen. So when the phone falls, the kinetic force breaks the tempered glass screen protector — but leaves the original glass underneath intact and operating. We sacrifice the replaceable glass to save the important glass and digitizer underneath. 

Once you've protected the front of your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, be sure to grab a case as well to protect everything (including the display). We have plenty of options for you to consider, from heavy-duty models to more stylish and functional options like wallet cases

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