Watching Ronda Rousey knock out her opponent in under 5 seconds gave some of us the drive to try boxing for ourselves, but it's difficult for most of us to get into an actual ring. Well, the PlayStation VR (PSVR) has changed all of that by introducing a few boxing games that don't require skill or the risk of physical injury to enjoy. Alternatively, if you're looking for a punching game to get you active and moving, we know the best games for that as well. Check them all out here!

★ Featured favorite: Creed: Rise to Glory

Creed: Rise to Glory has the best graphics and gameplay style you can find in a VR boxing game. Not only does it look great, but the mechanics teach you a proper boxing algorithm. It reminds you to take breaks in between punches and each time you land a hit the controller even vibrates for better immersion!

You'll break a sweat, throw punches like the professional, and love every minute of it! Trust me. You want Creed if you're looking for an authentic boxing experience.

From $22 at Amazon

Adorable boxing: Knockout League

Knockout League is a riot with goofy characters, hilarious catchphrases, and silly mini-games. You can fight an octopus wearing a monocle and top hat or punch water balloons out of the air for crying out loud! You'll laugh your way throughout each and every level, I promise.

$20 at PlayStation Store

Boxing minigame!: Rec Room

Rec Room is an online game for the PlayStation VR that revolves around playing a bunch of different mini-games with friends and strangers across the world. While the boxing game is incredibly simple, it's still really fun. Compete against your friends and family to see who the better boxer is!

Free at PlayStation Store

Hilarious and simple: Drunkn Bar Fight

This game has one focus. Punch the jerk at the bar who you decided to pick a fight with. The graphics aren't great, but it's full of good fun to have if you're looking for something to laugh at your friends with. Chug a bear, throw a chair, get dirty!

$12 at PlayStation Store

Best punching games for PlayStation VR

Get down to music: Beat Saber

Staff pick

Nothing is going to get you more active in VR than Beat Saber. You're given two sabers and a soundtrack. The goal? Dodge walls, destroy boxes to the beat of the songs, and follow the specified directions of which way your saber needs to swing.

$30 at PlayStation Store

The best package: Superhot

Superhot is not only one of the best punching games because it offers other options for violence to keep your attention. You can punch, beat, or shoot your enemies with multiple different options from fists to weapons.

$27 at Amazon

Don't pull any of your punches

We all love a good fighting game to get us up and moving inside our virtual reality headsets. Creed: Rise to Glory captivated me because of the intense style and real-life lessons on boxing. It's truly phenomenal how you can learn to throw a perfect punch, pace yourself, and get a good workout without having to leave the comfort of your own home. The high-end graphics and 3D sound make it even easier to get immersed in the game for these lessons as well! This boxing game will give you hours of fun and valuable knowledge to keep forever.

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