Best Oculus Quest Grips for Beat Saber Android Central 2021

When you're playing Beat Saber on the Oculus Quest, have you ever wanted your controllers to feel a bit more like actual lightsabers? Thankfully, there are grips that can do just that, transforming your ordinary Oculus Touch controllers into the lightsabers you've always wanted. These grips elongate the handle of the controller and attach via a hook inside the battery compartment where the Oculus wrist straps normally would be attached. While they won't be ideal for every VR game, you may even find that these grips enhance gameplay for certain other titles, especially if lightsabers or swords are involved.

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Vblades Etsy Tall

Truly custom sword grips: VBlades Sword Grips

Staff Pick

These Custom-made VBlades Sword Grips from Freestyle3D on Etsy are the absolute best Beat Saber grips you're going to find. They've not only got an attractive design, but they're incredibly well built too, with well over one thousand reviews on Etsy alone, most of which are five out of five stars. On top of a great build and size, VBlades Sword Grips come in several colors that you can choose from to customize the experience further. The only downside is that you can't custom mix-and-match colors, as the only dual-color option available is red & blue. Thankfully, though, those are the right colors for Beat Saber!

$25 on Etsy
Amvr Quest Beat Saber Grips

Absorb the sweat: AMVR Dual Handles

AMVR has the original and best pre-made Beat Saber grips for the Oculus Quest. These wands are sturdy and have a solid foam grip all around, helping to absorb the sweat your palms are sure to exude while playing long Beat Saber sessions. They even include a strong wrist tether to keep them from flying across the room in case you accidentally let go. These are preconfigured with authentic red and blue Beat Saber colors, making it easier to tell which wand goes in which hand right off the bat.

$28 at Amazon
Vblades Dual Etsy

Channel your inner Darth Maul: VBlades - Dual Edition

While these grips won't work with "vanilla" Beat Saber very well, there are plenty of ways to mod Beat Saber to support what's known as Darth Maul grips. Just like the regular VBlades, VBlades Dual Edition can be shipped in around one dozen different colors. There's even a red & blue option to fit the Beat Saber color theme best. These are the sturdiest dual grips you'll find and will have you feeling like a Sith Lord in no time. Just be sure to get Beat Saber modded on your Oculus Quest by sideloading SideQuest before diving into this purchase.

$28 at Etsy
Amvr Quest Beat Saber Duals

Grip of the Sith: AMVR Long Lightsaber Grip

AMVR also offers connected dual saber grips for the Oculus Quest that'll have you feeling like Darth Maul while slicing to the beat. Just like the separate wands, this dual saber grip features ultra-grippy foam padding all around the hilt. Since this won't work with "vanilla" Beat Saber, be sure to get Beat Saber modded on your Oculus Quest by sideloading SideQuest before diving into this purchase.

$30 at Amazon
Kiwi Design Quest Grips

Let go of your stress: KIWI Design Grip Cover

If you've been playing Beat Saber and the controllers keep slipping out of your hand, but you don't want a giant hilt extension on your controllers, the KIWI Design Grip Cover is what you've been looking for. A solid silicone cover slips over the grip portions of your Oculus Touch controllers and helps keep your sweaty hands from slipping. There's even a handy wrist strap that'll let you ease up on the grip without fear of letting the controllers go. It's a great way to get a grip during a fast-paced session of Beat Saber without having to white-knuckle the controllers the entire time.

$23 at Amazon
Mamut Grips Dx Quest

New and improved: Mamut Grips DX

Mamut VR designed some of the best original grips for the Oculus Quest and has come out with a redesigned version 2.0, simply called the Mamut Grips DX. Our review of the original grips was mostly positive, and it seems Mamut took the critiques of the strap design to heart with the Mamut Grips DX. What's left is a solid product that'll make your Oculus Touch controllers feel amazing, adding in grip and an extra padded hand strap so you can let go of the controller and rest those tired hands.

$35 at Mamut VR

Get your groove on

Few things in VR feel as satisfying as slicing through colored blocks to the heavy beat of a song. That's certainly part of why Beat Saber is so popular, and these grips will take that experience to the next level. Grips like Freestyle3D's VBlades aren't just great feeling though; they're super cool looking and totally customizable, as well.

Have you been surfing through those Beat Saber mods on SideQuest and been dying to try out the Darth Maul mode? The VBlades Dual Edition are exactly what you need to get to get slicing like a Sith Lord.

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