Best Oculus Quest Grips for Beat Saber 2024

When you're playing Beat Saber on the Oculus Quest, have you ever wanted your controllers to feel a bit more like actual lightsabers? Thankfully, some grips can do just that, transforming your ordinary Oculus Touch controllers into the lightsabers you've always wanted. These grips elongate the handle of the controller and attach via a hook inside the battery compartment where the Oculus wrist straps normally would be attached. While they won't be ideal for every VR game, you may even find that these grips enhance gameplay for certain other titles, especially if lightsabers or swords are involved.

Get your groove on

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Few things in VR feel as satisfying as slicing through colored blocks to the heavy beat of a song. That's certainly part of why Beat Saber is so popular, and these grips will take that experience to the next level. Grips like Freestyle3D's VBlades aren't just great feeling though; they're super cool looking and totally customizable, as well.

Have you been surfing through those Beat Saber mods on SideQuest and been dying to try out the Darth Maul mode? The VBlades Dual Edition are exactly what you need to get to get slicing like a Sith Lord.

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