What are the latest games worth checking out in the Google Play Store?

Update November 24, 2017: Check in with your old and new friends from Animal Crossing in Nintendo's latest game for Android! Then see what all the hype is about in Lineage 2 Revolution.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo has done it again.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the latest Nintendo franchise to make the leap to mobile, and it's arguably the best transition we've seen yet.

If you've never played an Animal Crossing game, whether on GameCube, Wii, or Nintendo DS, it's a relaxing casual game about collecting items, making friends, and building a little virtual life for yourself in a beautifully animated world. It's a super cute and fun concept that's been lovingly ported over to mobile.

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp you get to build out your very own campsite, which you can customize with furniture and decorations to entice other nearby campers to come and hang out. Your goal is to level up your friendships by fulfilling requests, which in turn help you to level up your character and unlocks new items to craft for your campsite. There's so much to explore and collect and while there are in-app purchases for buying in-game currency they can be disabled in settings and aren't required to enjoy the game.

Animal Crossing is a natural fit on mobile, as it's the type of game that's best played in casual bursts. Definitely worth checking out and a great pick for younger kids. Hop in your camper and get exploring!

Download: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp (Free w/IAPs)

Lineage 2 Revolution

Netmarble Games has been crushing it in 2017 — first with the exceptional Star Wars: Force Arena and now with Lineage 2 Revolution which has recently launched in Europe and the U.S. after being exclusive to South Korea for some time (no support for Canadians just yet).

Lineage 2 aims to bring the epic scale of an MMORPG to your phone, allowing for up to 200 players to battle in real time on single screen. You can party up with strangers or create a clan with your friends to take on epic dungeon raids, battle boss monsters, or fight against other players in fiercely competitive battles.

The visuals are stunning, rendered by the Unreal Engine 4. You're probably going to need to play this on a newer phone with RAM to burn. This is being positioned to be a pretty major release, as you've probably seen pre-roll YouTube ads featuring Conan O'Brien promoting Lineage 2. It sure looks like a promising game for any fans of MMORPGs.

You can download and start playing for free, however, there are of course in-app purchases available.

Download: Lineage 2 Revolution (Free w/IAPs)