What are the latest games worth checking out in the Google Play Store?

Updated June 23, 2017: How far can you make it as a Flipping Legend? Check out the beta release of South Park: Phone Destroyer! Sega Forever plans to bring your favorite games to Android, starting with Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star II, Kid Chameleon, Altered Beast, and Comix Zone!

There are thousands and thousands of games available in the Google Play Store, with more being added every month. With so much content hitting the app store, it can be damn near impossible to keep up with all the latest releases and determine which games are worth your time.

Here at Android Central, we want to help. We'll be using this space to let you know about the latest gaming releases for Android that we think deserve your attention. We'll be checking in and updating this page weekly as new games are released, so refresh often!

Flipping Legend

Flipping Legend is a casual, retro-styled endless runner developed by Hiding Spot Games and published by the fine folks at Noodlecake Studios. Choose your hero and set off on a journey to discover faraway lands — dispatching enemies and avoiding deadly traps as you go.

You start with three characters to choose from — Ninja, Archer, and Warlock — with five other characters unlockable by completing in-game challenges. You control your hero by tapping the left or right side of the screen to make them flip forward diagonally (ind of like a checker piece) and you're able to jump off one edge and crossover to the other. Each character has a skill tree which you can upgrade as you collect XP.

You collect chests every six seconds as you play which can be unlocked by watching a short ad and gift you gold, XP bonuses, and new skins for your heroes. You can also buy chests via in-app purchases if you choose, or pay to remove ads.

For a casual adventure game with a good sense of speed and rhythm (and a sweet soundtrack to boot), check out Flipping Legend!

Download: Flipping Legend (Free w/IAPs)

South Park: Phone Destroyer (Early Access)

South Park games of late have been pretty awesome. Combine the show's notoriously basic animation style and the advanced specs of modern consoles and phones and you get games that really feel like you're controlling the action in an episode.

At E3 2017, Ubisoft unveiled new details for two new South Park games: a new game for consoles and South Park: Phone Destroyer, a free-to-play real-time battling game featuring all the crazy characters from the show that's currently available to play in early beta release for Canadians.

Now most fans will remember that the show lampooned freemium games on mobile pretty savagely a few seasons back. While it might seem a little two-faced to later release a freemium-style game for South Park, it's worth listening to Matt Stone and Trey Parker's commentary track from that episode where they talked pretty candidly about their thoughts on the freemium games released for other animated series like Family Guy and The Simpsons.

Phone Destroyer is different than those city-building titles. Instead, it offers the card-cast battling action similar to Clash Royale and frames it in a story where all the kids of South Park are playing an epic game of Cowboys and Indians (and pirates… and space aliens…). The core gameplay is actually pretty good, with a single player campaign and PvP game modes available. The show's raunchy humor comes through in the character design and dialog (presented as an ongoing group chat with the kids), and while some of the jokes come across way more crass in a text as opposed to being delivered by Cartman himself this is still an absolute must-play for any South Park fan.

Download: South Park: Phone Destroyer (Free w/IAPs)

Sega Forever

In what I can only hope becomes a trend with amongst all video game publishers, Sega is releasing a new app called Sega Forever as part of a new initiative to release classic Sega games from across all their old consoles on a bi-weekly basis — BOOYAH!

All these games are free to download with ads (or you can pay $2 to get rid of them) and offer Bluetooth controller support so you can play these games how they were meant to be played, except on the go! You're also able to save your progress and play offline or connect to the online leaderboard to see how you compare with gamers around the world.

While the Sega Forever app hasn't gone live in the Google Play Store yet, Sega has re-released five classic games at launch. They are:

Emulators exist in a legal gray area — except when it's the companies who own the intellectual property emulating their own content, so here's hoping Sega keeps this up until all our favorite games are available on Android.

Also, how sweet would it be if Nintendo, Sony, and other developers/publishers get in on this?

Learn More about Sega Forever