Best Moto E6 Plus Cases Android Central 2021

The Moto E6 Plus is finally here and sports an impressive set of specs, along with new colors for Motorola's entry-level handset. However, if you're going to invest the money into a device like this, you'll want to keep it protected, and we have found the best cases for the E6 Plus.

Slim and protective: Sunnyw Slim Soft Bumper Case

Staff pick

TPU cases are the name of the game if you want something flexible, and the Sunnyw Slim Bumper Case is no different. What sets this case apart is the included tempered glass screen protector for 360 degrees of protection.

$10 at Amazon

Leather versatility: NCTech Leather Folio

We need a case that is just as versatile as the phones they are protecting, and the NCTech Leather Folio is perfect for the E6 Plus. The case offers a built-in kickstand, cutouts for your credit cards, and comes in five different colors.

$9 at Amazon

More personality: Osophter Flower Case

There are a lot of boring ol' phone cases out there, and not as many that allow you to show off your personality. This Flower Case from Osophter makes it possible with its flower pattern, while including anti-dropping protection with corner reinforcement.

$12 at Amazon

Old but good: Dzxouui Shockproof Cover

Over time, cases wear down and end up looking bad or have seen too many drops to still be useful. Dzxouui includes a money-back guarantee with this case, meaning that it'll either replace the case or refund you if there are any issues.

$9 at Amazon

See-thru: PUSHIMEI Transparent Cover

What's the point of getting an awesome looking phone if you can't show it off? The PUSHIMEI Transparent Cover makes it easier, as this case is 100% transparent, so you can show off how awesome the Moto E6 Plus looks.

$8 at Amazon

Extra grip: CASEVASN Gel Rubber Cover

The best part about a Gel Rubber Case is the fact that it will keep the phone in your hand, and not on the ground. This slim cover from CASEVASN comes in either black or clear, and is easy to install or remove when you get it.

$8 at Amazon

Which case should you get?

The Moto E6 Plus is a great handset, even on the budget market, and it would be a shame if something were to happen to it. That's why we almost always recommend getting a case, and our favorite for the E6 Plus is the Sunnyw Slim Soft Bumper Case. This case sports the traditional TPU cover that you are used to, while including a tempered glass screen protector to save your bacon in the event of an accidental drop.

If you want something a bit more versatile, look no further than the NCTech Leather Folio Case with its built-in kickstand. NCTech also offers five colors to choose from, along with the built-in card slots for your ID or credit cards. Plus, you won't have to worry about the case accidentally opening with the included magnetic snap.

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