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Samsung is likely one of the first names that come to mind when you think about possible flagship smartphone options. However, the company has also its hands in the budget market with options such as the Galaxy A20. After you get your hands on this fantastic device, you'll want to make sure that it stays protected and we have found the best cases for your A20.

Trusted brand: Spigen Rugged Armor

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Everyone has heard about Spigen in some capacity, and for good reason as the company offers some of the best cases and accessories around. The trend continues with the Spigen Rugged Armor, thanks to the company's Air Cushion technology for improved shock absorption, along with spider-web interior pattern and raised edges.

$11 at Amazon

Leather and wood: NagaBee Hybrid Shockproof Case

If you can't decide on the right leather or wooden case, why not get both? The NagaBee Hybrid Case offers this with its unique hybrid design. You can find the wood cutout at the top, with the leather below it and a TPU bumper for side protection. Plus, NagaBee includes a screen protector for 360-degree protection.

$13 at Amazon

Miltary-grade: ZIZO BOLT

The ZIZO BOLT series of cases has slowly started to become a fan favorite for those who don't want to add bulk but need protection. The BOLT includes a holster with a 360-degree rotatable click, and even a hidden card slot. Plus, you'll get a tempered glass screen protetor and even a lanyard for fun.

$19 at Amazon

360-degrees of protection: Poetic Guardian

Instead of trying to find a case and then a screen protector, the Poetic Guardian solves this issue by giving you both. Plus, it's already pre-installed on the front portion of the case. With the clear back, you'll still be able to show off your new phone while making sure it doesn't get damaged.

$17 at Amazon

Coverage everywhere: TJS Full Coverage Armor Cover

You might not work in the service industry, but that doesn't mean that you don't need extra protection for your Galaxy A20. The TJS Armor Cover solves this problem with its ultra-rugged design and included tempered glass screen protector. Plus, there's a built-in ring holder that doubles as a kickstand, removing the need for something like a PopSocket.

$10 at Amazon

A little kick: PUSHIMEI Dual Layer Case with Kickstand

Cases that have two different layers usually offer more protection than the standard TPU case and that's where PUSHIMEI comes into play. This Dual-layer Case offers a soft TPU inner sleeve, along with a rugged hard plastic back that is sure to keep your A20 safe from harm. PUSHIMEI has also built-in a kickstand so you can rest it on your desk and catch up on your favorite tv show.

$6 at Amazon

Unique gradients: Starhemei Gradient Silicone Case

Some phone manufacturers have been pushing the envelope when it comes to the color gradients. Others have been playing it safe, but thankfully there are case options that give us more colorful options such as the Starhemei Shockproof Case. This option is made of TPU while having a color gradient going from purple on one corner to dark blue on the opposite corner.

$7 at Amazon

Leather and functional: Ykooe Leather Wallet Flip Case

Leather cases are absolutely fantastic, and leather wallet cases, such as the Ykooe Wallet Flip Case, are even better. Not only do you get the great build quality and professional look, but this wallet case includes three slots for your ID or credit cards, along with a money pocket. Plus, there is a magnetic clasp which will ensure that the flap never accidentally opens when you don't want it to.

$12 at Amazon

Slim and tough: IDEA LINE Hybrid Shockproof Cover

Sometimes it's nice to have a basic, no-nonsense case that just protects your phone from accidental drops or scratches. The IDEA LINE Hybrid Case does just that as it offers a soft coating to make it easier to grip, along with providing reinforced corners for protection. Speaking of protection, IDEA LINE includes a tempered glass screen protector so that you won't have to worry about your display scratching.

$9 at Amazon

Show it off: Androgate Clear Slim Bumper Case

What's the point in having a smartphone that looks fantastic if you can't show it off? That's not a problem with the Androgate Clear Slim Bumper Case, as you can show off your Galaxy A20 in all of its glory. On the protection side, there are "air pockets" on each of the four corners which aim to "maximize protection" in the event that your phone lands on those corners.

$8 at Amazon

Hybrid bumper: LUCKYCAT Acrylic Bumper Case

Hybrid cases are pretty neat and the LUCKYCAT Bumper case is the perfect example with its clear backplate and TPU bumper. What's even better is that the backplate is scratch-resistant so your case likely won't show the scratches that similar cases may show from day-to-day use.

$5 at Amazon

Bling bling y'all: LeYi Glitter Bling Case

Show off your style and flair with the LeYi Glitter Bling case. This dual-hybrid case comes with a soft TPU inner shell and a hard polycarbonate outer shell, which makes for a great one-two combo against drops. If Rose Gold isn't your color, the Glitter Bling Case also comes in Violet and Mint color options.

$10 at Amazon

Protect your Galaxy A20

With so many great case options out there, the choice can be a tough one. However, we are confident with the Spigen Rugged Armor since it comes from a name you know and trust. You also can't go wrong with the Air Cushion technology that has saved countless smartphones and other devices from certain disaster.

Some folks need a little bit more protection in their lives for various reasons, and the ZIZO BOLT is perfect for you. Not only do you get a screen protector included, but the dual-layer system will be sure to keep your phone safe from potential damage. Plus, the case has a kickstand built-in so that you can either prop the phone up if you want to catch up your favorite shows.

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