Best portable chargers for Google Pixel 2024

Rocking a Google Pixel as your daily driver? Then you'll know that the battery life isn't the best on your phone. While the newer Pixel flagships like the Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 series improved this spec quite a bit, it's still not enough for power users. The simplest solution for this is to grab one of the best portable chargers for your Google Pixel.

Portable chargers like power banks let you refuel your Pixel anywhere, restoring your power levels to full on the go. The best part is that these external battery packs will also let you juice up a variety of other devices that you may have. Here are all of our top picks for Google's smartphones.

These are the best portable chargers for Google Pixel

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Extend the life of your Google Pixel with these external battery packs

Whether you're still hanging on to the crowd-favorite Pixel 4a or have invested in the new-fangled Pixel 8 Pro, you're going to need a portable charger for your Pixel. You need to make sure it can keep going all day and then some, especially when traveling. This is why we suggest getting one of the best Google Pixel portable chargers.

Our top vote goes to Zendure's Supermini, which gives you 10,000mAh of portable power in a card-sized body that makes it super easy to be carried anywhere, It even looks amazing, thanks to the funky colorways on offer.

Then there's Anker's PowerCore Slim 10K, which gives you two inputs (USB-C and USB-A) for easy recharging. The USB-A output port means it can work with just about any cable you might have lying around in your home. We also suggest taking a look at INIU's PowerNova 140W Power Bank, which includes a mighty 27,000mAh battery pack with two USB-C ports and a USB-A port for good measure.

Once you've picked the right external battery pack, you can also consider pairing it up with one of the best USB-C cables. The one Google gives you is okay, but it certainly doesn't last as long as a sturdy nylon braided wire.

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