Best earbuds and headphones for sleep 2023

If you sleep well every night, consider yourself lucky. Those who don't are always looking for ways to enjoy a more restful slumber on a nightly basis, even if that means turning to tech to find a solution. It might seem counterproductive to plug your ears with earbuds or headphones, but they may also help produce — or reduce — the sounds that can lull you to pass out.

Some manufacturers are trying to answer the call by making earbuds and headphones specifically focusing on sleep quality. They all aim to do it in different ways, so it depends on what you feel may be the best fit for you.

What are the best headphones and earbuds for sleep?

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Better sleep may be between the ears

Sleep quality is so highly subjective that it's hard to know what will work best for one person or another, which is why these earbuds and headphones try to tackle it in various different ways. Even the best noise-canceling earbuds could be alternatives, though they're not built to deal with sleep quality specifically.

The Bose Sleepbuds II take a very direct approach because of their singular focus, offering great comfort and consistent performance. You could say the same about the QuietOn 3.1, which can match the comfort, yet take a very different approach to content playback in that there isn't any. However you choose to go forward, and regardless of your sleep situation, these devices give you a chance to make it better.

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