Best Controller to Use with the Ryze Tello Drone

The GameSir T1d looks like a regular Bluetooth controller, but it has been customized to work only with the Tello for the best possible experience. If you're using an Android phone, it's the one you need to buy.

GameSir T1d

An integrated phone holder and the best flying experience

Who should buy this controller?

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The Tello is extremely easy to fly with just a smartphone, but you can't replace the feeling of a physical controller while you're in the air. Whether you're finding it awkward using touch controls all the time or you just want to take your Tello flying to another level, this controller is for you.

Is it a good time to buy this controller?

Absolutely. The Tello might be a year old but it's still an incredibly popular little drone and this is the only officially recognized controller for it compatible with Android. The price has held pretty steadily too, so there's no reason to expect an imminent discount.

A great controller for a great drone

The choices might be quite slim on Android (without using tedious workarounds), but that's not really an issue. If you want a controller for the Tello, the GameSir T1d is the one you should buy, period.

If you aren't familiar with GameSir, you're probably not alone, but the truth is the company makes some extremely good quality mobile accessories, with a solid lineup of controllers that support Android, iOS, and Windows.

It's the one you have to get, but it's still very good.

The T1d is perfect for the Tello not only because it has been customized for the drone, but because it's lightweight, a great size, and has a phone holder built in that should be able to accommodate today's large-screened devices. No tablets, though!

The body is grippy, the sticks are smooth, the buttons are clicky, and when you're using it with your Tello, the on-screen sticks disappear leaving you looking at nothing but whatever the camera is seeing. It's priced incredibly well, too, and is a must buy for regular Tello pilots.

Alternatives to the GameSir T1d

While you're going to want the GameSir T1d if you're using Android, if you also have an iPhone or an iPad in your rotation, the Gamevice is worth your attention.

Gamevice Controller

Easy control of your Tello on iPhone or iPad

Recommended by DJI and Ryze
Great price
Better than touch controls
Integrated phone holder
Adds bulk when you travel with the drone
Doesn't work with your phone games

The Gamevice hooks up to Apple's hardware over the Lightning connector with its innovative split design. It's officially recommended by Ryze and DJI, and even allows you to have a controller experience with the very biggest iPads on the market today.

Bottom line

A controller isn't at all necessary to fly the Ryze Tello, but the GameSir T1d will take your experience to a whole new level. Sometimes you just can't beat proper buttons and joysticks.

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