It's dangerous to go alone. You better cover up.

There may be a few reasons for this. First, the first Moto X was the first true Motorola flagship in a few years and casemakers weren't quite sure it'd do well enough to warrant making a case for it. Second, because of Moto Maker's customization of the phones, casemakers might have feared that users would forgo cases that would hide their design.

This year, things are different. The Moto X (2014) isn't an unknown. The Moto X (2014) is a phone people are starting to recognize. It is a phone that many are turning to in lieu of a Nexus they feel is simply too big. It has been here for months, and yet, compared to phones like Samsung's Galaxy line, case selection can be a little sparse.

Here are the best of the bunch.

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Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case

This case is the one I wear most days.

Supcase was one of the few last year to offer a case with a clear back. It was one of the best, and it was my favorite case for my old Moto X. This year's model doesn't have quite the lip on it that last year's did, meaning the speaker grills are barely touching the tabletop. That said, this year we also got a case that not only had a frosted back but a frosted bumper, giving us a clear case all around. Yes, it is frosted, but it's easy to make out engravings and your carrier logo on the back. So long as you're not looking to go ten rounds in the wild, wild wilderness with it, it should be enough for everyday home to office and groceries protection.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case

Body Glove Satin Slim Case

It may not be clear, but it's a clearly comfortable case

The BodyGlove may be a bit thicker than the Supcase — and a lot less clear — but it's got a surprisingly good texture to it and offers cutouts for the dimple and for the buttons/ports. It's a simple case that with a good amount of grip to it, and despite being easy to get it one and off, it still provides a good level of protection from drops and scuffs. And the lip on this case keeps both the screen and the speaker grills well off the ground when face-down. It's a bit angular, but it feels good in the hand and shows wear well.

Check out the Body Glove Satin Slim Case for Motorola Moto X (2014)

Amzer Hybrid Kickstand Case

Kickstands are cool. A bit bulky, but cool.

This is a more traditional hybrid case, with a silicone inner case and a hard plastic outer shell that has a kickstand bumped out of the back. This kickstand works for when you're propping your phone up horizontally, and it holds the phone up quite sturdily.The kickstand covers up the dimple, so I often find myself resting my finger on the camera, but the case is grippy, bounces back from small drops quickly, and covers the ports so as to keep dust, dirt, and any other undesirables out of them during my daily doings.

Check out the Amzer Hybrid Kickstand Case

Amzer Shellster Hard Shell Case w/ Holster

Holsters may be a bit big in size, but theyre also big in features.

The Shellster is a very particular case for a very particular user — the holster-wearing kind. The case itself is a thin, hard plastic shell case with a slight rubberized feel on the back to help with its grip. The curved back, a match to the Moto X, is also replicated in the holster's back allowing you to slide your phone into the holster with the screen facing in or out. Why would you want to put your phone into the holster with the screen out, you might ask? The holster doubles as a kickstand thanks to a wire brace that comes out and fits between notches in the holster's clip, and thanks to the swiveling holster, you can set the phone either way horizontal or you can set it upright, though it may wobble a bit on the holster's rounded edge. Like most holster cases, the Shellster feels a bit bulky when you're actually using the holster, but the hardshell case on the phone doesn't feel bulky at all.

Check out the Amzer Shellster Hard Shell Case w/ Holster

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